Welcome to Mental Wholeness Step-by-Step

Do you feel connected to the highest version of yourself?

Do you know what it feels like to be rooted in purpose and integrity?

Are you confident in yourself and your decisions?

Lean a little bit deeper into that feeling right now.

Do you have a way to access this feeling – and maintain it – whenever you want to?

If you’re saying YES – that’s amazing!! – you’ve probably learned that self-realization is an endeavor that will continue to evolve forever.

If not, you can’t really afford to ignore this.

Welcome to Mental Wholeness!

Mental Wholeness will help you fine-tune your connection with yourself – and, in turn, your connection to others and the rest of existence.

I created Mental Wholeness as a step-by-step for getting our mental, physical, and energetic ducks in a row, so we can build easy momentum towards our biggest goals. It’s helpful to intentionally repeat this over and over again to create a consistent alignment within yourself over time.

Focusing on these steps is sure to stir up some goodness in your life. It’ll make you more magnetic to the things you want. You’ll access a deeper sense of spiritual alignment, too (if you’re into that sort of thing).

You’ll become more deeply who you are.

It won’t all be rainbows and butterflies, but Mental Wholeness also gives you a place to go when life happens and things get rough. It’ll keep you moving through, acting as a compass to ensure you come through hard times on track towards your deepest, truest goals.

You only need to choose to practice.

As with anything, committing to keep going when it gets rough is required to get the most out of this

Still, I bet you’ll see some cool things happen for you in the upcoming weeks if you follow along with me and take some of this to heart.

We’ll be walking through the eight components of Mental Wholeness, one by one: Acceptance, Body Buzz, Beliefs, Clarity, Energy, Emotional Alchemy, Boundaries, and Trust.

Best Practices and What to Expect

I hope you’ll hang with me in the comments! For each component I’ll give you a question to consider and I’d love to hear what comes up for you. (Feel free to email me to keep it private)

Here’s today’s question: What would you love to see happen as a result of learning about Mental Wholeness in the upcoming weeks? What are your intentions?

Also: What does Mental Wholeness mean to you?

To be successful with this, dedicate some focus each day to exploring & experimenting with what we’re talking about.

It doesn’t need to derail your day.

(Though, if you do have time, I find writing to be a great container for exploring. Feel free to use the questions as writing prompts).

All you need to do is remember our conversation while you’re doing your everyday thing and get curious.

When you think of it, remind yourself of your intentions, and ask yourself – what does Mental Wholeness mean to me?

Keep in mind as we go through that these things weave together and layer on top of each other. I’ll LOVE to hear any connections/insights/thoughts you have!

Applying these things in your own way is more important than sticking rigidly to my outline.

That being said, you deserve to have plenty of support as we move through this.

If you’re looking for personalized guidance, support, or just to continue this conversation, feel free to email me any time – info@briannamcinerny.com. I’d love to connect with you.

Next up is the first component – Acceptance.

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