Mental Wholeness Strategies: Beliefs

Mental Wholeness Strategies: Beliefs

Have you noticed areas of your life where you seem to create the same experience over and over again?

That’s a part of your human design.

Humans behave in patterns.

As we grow up in the world, we interpret what’s happening around us and develop patterns of behavior that are designed to keep us alive. Our most difficult experiences get coded as “survivable” and we create them with our thoughts, choices, and actions over and over again.

Our beliefs are one of the main ways that these patterns function… what you believe to be true guides your actions and your decision-making.

What we believe determines our reality.

That’s how the things that we “know” can become our biggest enemy – because they limit what we’re able to see and experience in our lives.

The patterns and beliefs that we developed as kids are rarely still serving us when we’re adults.

The good news is that we can change our beliefs, and changing our beliefs changes our world.

We have the power to change what we believe, and harnessing that power is key to creating the lives we want.

It’s challenging to identify & meaningfully work with our beliefs and patterns without outside help. When it comes to these things, we can be pretty blind and stuck in our ways.

Again, that’s part of our human design. We’re wired to survive – to stay safe, to belong, to feel loved… whatever that meant for us when we were kids.

When our system picks up on us trying to change a belief or pattern, it kicks up defense mechanisms to keep us repeating the same old thing. It actively TRIES to put blinders on to unknown possibilities – which are interpreted as “unsafe” because we’ve never experienced them before.

This really matters when you want to accomplish things you’ve never experienced before.

Having qualified support is invaluable here, and you deserve to have high-quality support.

I’ve created a step-by-step process to shift beliefs.

This entails accepting and understanding of how you acquired a belief in the first place, finding gratitude for how it’s served you, and exploration of other possible interpretations for early events – so you can embrace beliefs that are more supportive of your success.

I described the process for changing beliefs step by step here in this video.

I have an arsenal of coaching & NLP tools that I use to help my clients shift their beliefs as well. Again, support is a real game-changer when you’re working with this component especially.

Today, I’m urging you to trade in your old disempowering beliefs about what’s possible in this world, for beliefs that serve your success.

Repeat after me: I am enough, I am loved, I am safe. I am free, I am worthy, I am valuable. I am capable.

The work that I do is of the highest service in this world.

I have value to contribute in every situation I’m in.

I am a powerful creator of my own reality.

Making money is easy. I have all the time in the world. I know how to get what I want.

Do you catch my drift?

You get to choose beliefs that light you up inside.

Take a deep breath, tap into the wisest version of yourself, and ask this question:  What beliefs are holding me back? Am I ready to let go of those beliefs today? If I’m not ready, what will it take to get ready?

What beliefs would be more helpful when it comes to accomplishing my goals?

As we move forward, start collecting evidence that supports new, empowering beliefs. Notice what comes up throughout your days.

What actions are you inspired to take? I’d love to hear from you. Share in the comments, or check out my free FB group The Cocoon, and share your answers in there. We would love to witness & support you!

If you really want to take this deeper, I would absolutely love to have you in our upcoming group coaching round of Mental Wholeness – you can sign up to join us here.

This can be a really tricky component to navigate. If you’re looking for personalized guidance, support, or just to continue the conversation, remember you can email me any time – I’d love to connect with you.

The next strategy in this series is Clarity.

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