About You

You’re highly energetically sensitive. You sometimes feel like you’re a sponge to the energy around you, carrying the emotional weight of the world on your shoulders. 


You’ve built a strong reputation and a platform for yourself while accomplishing personal and professional goals. People respect you and they look to you for guidance – and you absolutely love helping them.


Your life doesn’t necessarily look and feel like you thought it would. You don’t always feel as shiny on the inside as your smile shows on the outside. 

You would love even more easy, natural ways to manage your mental, physical, emotional, and energetic health. 

In your darkest moments, you wonder if it’ll be worth the effort to keep achieving “more”. You’ve (privately) considered giving up. 


You often feel stifled by the weight of public perception and your own expectations. You experience some really deep, dark moments all alone to protect your privacy, your freedom, and your image. This holds you back because you can get stuck in your own personal brand of crazy during the most crucial moments.

The shame of secrecy in your most vulnerable moments puts you at risk for self-hating, self-harming, and otherwise risky behavior.


You want to get out of your own way and connect with a deeper sense of your place in this world, so you can: 

  • stay on track with your creative projects through any-and-all challenges & mood swings
  • create more free time for yourself & your loved ones, to do whatever you want to do
  • make as much impact as possible with your life, both personally and professionally


You’re ready and willing to dedicate time, energy, and resources to create a better life for yourself, for your people, and for the world in general. (You’re probably investing in these ways already).


If this sounds like you, I would absolutely love to connect

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