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understand what you want

Understand What You Want, Then Ask for it Clearly

Understand what you want and need, then ask for it. Let’s normalize this work. Image: looking upwards through trees that are starting to turn fall …

On Becoming Love: Find Divinity in Everyone You Meet

Becoming love is a necessary task right now, and finding the divinity in each other will help us get there. Something I’ve come to strongly …

Free Self Employment Lessons From Five Years In Business

At the beginning of March I quietly celebrated 5 years of self-employment. Now I’d love to celebrate this accomplishment with you. Self-employment has been a …

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Brianna McInerny

Brianna McInerny is a writer, mentor, and consultant making sure creative lone wolves can have it all – their own sense of internal stability, thriving home lives with satisfying intimate relationships, and all the professional/social impact their heart desires (& their creative talents demand).

After studying psychology at Boston University, Brianna worked in healthcare for several years as a mental health case manager before realizing she could empower her clients more effectively and provide better choices for people as an entrepreneur. With 10 years of experience supporting her clients’ successes, she knows the secret ingredient to inspiring change in others is being ready, willing, and able to walk the talk herself.

She offers a completely open and non-judgmental space in everything she does. She’s passionate about expanding your truth about what’s possible for you, and she’ll do everything in her power to make your deepest wishes a reality. Start the conversation today!

I've worked with Brianna for several years now: through Jumpstart, Conscious Wholeness, and one-on-one work. Every conversation I have with Brianna brings me closer to myself, to who I really am. Brianna reminds me of the power I hold, all while generously holding space for me. Through my work with Brianna I've shifted career paths, up-leveled my skills, and improved my relationships immensely. If you're wondering if now is the right time, say yes. You won't regret it.