Mental Wholeness Integration (1)

Now it’s time to integrate – to take some space & let what we’ve been working on really sink in.

Remember when I mentioned that commitment is needed to see the best results? This is one of those times where commitment will make all the difference.

It’ll be at least a few days before I continue sharing the components of Mental Wholeness with you. During that time, consider re-visiting the topics I’ve already shared: Acceptance, Body Buzz, Beliefs, and Clarity.

These make up the ABCs of Mental Wholeness. When I’m not feeling myself, practicing Acceptance, Body Buzz, Beliefs, and Clarity never fails to reconnect me. Applying these four components alone can help you feel much better quickly, and inspire the next step you need for whatever situation you’re in.

Here are the questions we’ve explored so far:

What are my intentions here?

What does Mental Wholeness mean to me?

What am I most resisting in my life right now?

How can I be more accepting of myself and others today?

What can I do to bring my body more love, comfort, and pleasure – right in this moment?

What would make my body buzz right now?

What beliefs are holding me back from fulfilling my purpose?

Am I ready to let go of those beliefs today?

If I’m not ready, what will it take to get ready?

What beliefs would be more helpful when it comes to accomplishing my goals?

What am I creating right now?

What do I WANT to create?

What will I see/hear/smell/taste/touch when I’ve succeeded?

If you’re looking for personalized guidance, support, or just to continue the conversation, feel free to email me any time – I’d love to connect with you.

I’ll see you in a few days to continue with the next four components of Mental Wholeness – Energy, Emotional Alchemy, Boundaries, and Trust.

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