Mental Wholeness Step 5: Energy

When I talk about energy, I’m talking about a lot of different things. (Not solar power, gas, electricity, or windmills).

Here’s a bit of what I mean by “energy”:

I’m talking about your energetic body – your unseen vibe that mingles with the energies of the world & people around you.

This includes your chakra system. The chakra system was regarded as our energetic body in ancient eastern traditions, each chakra corresponding with parts of our physical body. Our chakras provide a bridge between the Earth and the universe – a bridge that runs straight through our bodies.

I’m speaking about vibration too. Everything in this world carries a vibration, and we are no different. We tend to attract things that are vibrating at the same frequencies as we are. I talk a lot about vibration in this video.

I’m referring to your spirit/soul & the life energy flowing through you.

Generational patterns impact your energetic state, too.

Using your energy to your advantage is all about being the person who’s already living the vision you created back in Clarity right now.

What are your thoughts, feelings, and actions reflecting about you to the world? What thoughts, feelings, and actions will you experience when you have what you want?

Start living your vision NOW.

Throwback video: The #1 Question for Success: Who Are You BEING?

It’s worthwhile to seek alignment & balance of our chakras and to intentionally raise our vibration.

We can do this by bringing our body into greater physical alignment – our chakras align more easily when our body does too – or through intentionally connecting with each chakra.

When we choose new thoughts and new patterns of behavior that are more aligned with what we want to create, we impact our energetic state.

We can use outside supports like crystals and energy healers. Check out a couple of my favorites: Hilarie Mae Dahl and Melani Marx. I love enlisting energy healers as part of my support team.

The energetic body has been described to me as a light bulb – without care, it can get a little clouded and dusty over time. Taking steps to clean up your energy – choosing new thoughts & actions, seeking energy healing, processing stored emotions, tending to your physical environment, etc – cleans up the bulb so you can shine more brightly in the world.

You don’t NEED crystals or anything outside of yourself to make adjustments to your energetic state. (Though, those sorts of things can definitely be fun and beneficial if you believe in them). Still, if you come to rely too heavily on tools outside of yourself, it’s easy to feel like a victim of your state and your surroundings.

At the end of the day, YOU control your energetic state, you only need to learn how through practice.

You have the power to work with your energy, heal your energy system, and even to project your energy, just by applying your focus and intention to this concept.

That being said, this is another area that you really deserve some extra support from someone who can help you see the full picture.

I’m a certified energy healer as well, so this is another tool I use with my clients.

Take some deep breaths, remember where we’ve been so far, think about where we’re going, and ask yourself… Who is the person who already has what I want (or something close to it)? Can I be more like that person right now? How does that person FEEL? How do they make others feel?

If you’re looking for personalized guidance, support, or just to continue the conversation, feel free to email me any time – I’d love to connect with you.

The next component is Emotional Alchemy.

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