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Brianna McInerny provides leading-edge strategy to conscious creatives, so they can make their greatest possible contributions to the world. 

She’s always been an old soul. 

Brianna lost her first love to suicide at age 15, and was sexually assaulted within the same year. She fell into the depths of trauma, sadness, shame & grief. Substance abuse was her primary coping method for several years.

Listening to music and sharing stories & experiences with other creative people helped her feel less alone in her lowest moments.

She’s seen first hand how much bravery is required to simply be ourselves & express emotions freely in this world, growing through challenges rather than succumbing to them. That’s why Brianna is so passionate about supporting creatives when they need it the most – because they’re on the front line of emotional expression, doing the heavy lifting to really, truly liberate all of us.

The story continues..

She tried to seek therapy and other forms of support from her parents and friends, but she felt mostly lost until she decided to save herself.

Her biggest motivator for becoming the best possible version of herself has always been simple – it makes her more effective at helping others.

Brianna received a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, worked in the healthcare & fitness industries, and has certification to do coaching, hypnotherapy, and energy healing. Realizing how many options exist for healing alongside the traditional healthcare system, she craved a way to incorporate this into her work with clients.

That’s when Conscious Wholeness was born.

Brianna breaks down everything she’s learned into simple steps, so her clients can digest years of learning in a fraction of the time. (See for yourself – check out these testimonials).

Brianna believes that everything we will ever need is already inside of us.

We can accomplish anything our heart desires. It’s possible to enjoy every moment fully while we’re willing to make it happen.

In Conscious Wholeness, she’s created a system to help you do this, and she incorporates that system into everything she does.

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Regardless, Brianna will connect you with useful help & information you can use for your next step forward, even if you choose not to work together. 

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