S.L.I.C.E. Inspiration & Consulting

You are inspiring your people. Let’s give them something real to aspire to.

Our Vision: An inclusive, loving world where everyone is able to bring their full potential & spiritual gifts to a diverse table, working together to help mama Earth do her thing.

Our Mission: Inspiring emotionally honest lone-wolf creative professionals to expand their legacy in ways that nurture their relationships and their health.

You lean on yourself and your intuition first & foremost. Since we value your vision, we want to see your intuitive connection flourish.

There’s a lot you want to accomplish in this world. It’s not always easy or straightforward to understand how it all fits together.

You know you can’t do it all yourself, although you’d usually prefer to.

We’d love to help you & your dream team align with your big vision in a way that gets everyone’s needs met.

Life is messy. Balance isn’t always straightforward, nor is making wise choices that line up with your priorities. You can’t always keep everyone happy. When you’re wearing many hats, and you want to wear them well – you need to keep your inner ducks in a row, use personalized approaches, and keep allllll the right people on the same page.

This requires a VERY open mind in order to see the many possibilities & perspectives that exist in any given situation. It also requires a laser sharp understanding of what can actually move the needle towards the results you want in any given situation.

When you work with us, we‘ll provide an open, inquisitive sounding board for you, along with a fresh perspective & strategic intuition to spark your imagination in a new way any time you need it.

Together we will get clarity about your next steps and your bigger vision, then we’ll layout a plan to build your support team & keep everyone on the same page, while nurturing the life everyone comes home to at the end of the day. After that, we’ll find a rhythm of working the plan, navigating challenges/distractions that arise, re-aligning with the vision, and tweaking our approach accordingly.

We’d love to work with you on retainer for…

3 months – $5,000

6 months – $7,500

12 months – $10,000

What’s Included:

  • Personal processing support – we’ll be your sounding board & safe, open space!
  • Brainstorming sessions to talk through your current projects & creative challenges any time you need
  • Unlimited strategic & communications consulting – tweak your tactics & gain the perspective you need for your interactions to flourish
  • Monthly review & align sessions to make sure we’re staying on track towards your big goals
  • Feedback on all creative/communication materials to fine tune as needed
  • Personalized guided meditation for stepping into your vision based on your unique patterns & desires
  • Personalized spiritual support & guidance – I’d love to bring all my spiritual gifts to the table & take yours into consideration too!
  • Co-working/office hours times to start & end each week with accountability & support.

Your personal & professional contributions are way too important to get lost in the mess.

Let’s get big stuff done together.

To get started today, say yes to an Interdependent Epiphany Experience. During your first month with S.L.I.C.E., you’ll get clear about a relationship that’s keeping you up at night, set boundaries around what’s not your responsibility, start communicating your needs more clearly, & get lined up towards your bigger vision… whether you move forward with us or not. 

Need a consult first? Let’s talk about it! Or contact info@briannamcinerny.com