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Move Through Resistance and Show Up to The Work

Showing up to the work of Conscious Wholeness still feels hard for me and requires me to move through resistance every single day.

move through resistance
morning writing with Maynard
This is something I’ve noticed recently during my morning writing routine.

Once I do show up for myself, the work is easy.

When I finally move through the resistance, it always feels so much better on the other side. It always seems silly that I resisted myself for so long.

Maybe you don’t call it Conscious Wholeness, but I’m sure you can relate to the sentiment of “the deep work”… the curiosities that are calling you further into your own self-awareness, whether or not you’re ready to “go there”.

Moving through the resistance to start is hardest part of the whole thing, time and time again.

move through resistance
Instead of fighting against resistance, I find it faster & more useful to relax into it.

As the creator of the Conscious Wholeness course, resistance to the deep work has held me back at times.

It took me awhile to fully realize that I was wading through huge amounts of resistance to do this work. Every time I timestamp or edit or go back to the videos to make a personalized recommendation it requires me to take the information in again. Every time I refine one of the worksheets it takes me a little deeper into my unknown self.

I guarantee I’ve engaged with this content more than anyone else in the course, and I’m the one who delivered it!! I’ve been intentionally diving head first into personal growth for more than a decade.

Still, I come away with something new every single time I show up – and I still need to overcome my own resistance daily to harvest the fruits of that labor.

When I move through resistance and do the deep work…

I find the inspiration I need to embrace more of my personal power and responsibility in a way that feels good.

I always come away feeling noticeably better than I did before.

And I notice more and more opportunities to put the Conscious Wholeness tools to work in my life, in new & expansive ways.

Still, I resist, and the resistance can be painful.

I resist in part because I personally resist structure. I’m rebellious. Anything that’s one-size-fits-all seems suspect, even if I created it. ???? (The only reason this works is because I encourage you to put your spin on it every step of the way).

I must always resist my own knee-jerk reaction to put my feelings away in a locked box, even when I know Conscious Wholeness is only taking me deeper and deeper into them every time.

It still feels scary to listen to the weird AF signals my body is sending me. Part of me is always afraid of what I might find or what might have to change.

Resistance and fear can be even more painful & distracting than puppy teeth!

When I let my resistance go on for too long without facing it head on, fear & anxiety start to take over.

I start making choices based around what I “should” do, instead of following what feels right for me.

I find myself a little too comfy smack dab in the middle of my “comfort zone”, even if it’s not feeling comfortable at all anymore, auto-piloting through my habitual patterns. Moving through the resistance only feels harder and harder the longer it goes unaddressed.

Still, here I am, years later, persistent about showing up to do the work more and more every day. Because every time I do move through resistance and show up, I also notice…

Real, deep, supportive LOVE that’s sourced from the inside is becoming a stronger baseline in my life, and it’s not conditional or dependent on anyone or anything else.

I can keep myself well resourced & ready no matter what’s going on around me by tapping back into this love any time – regardless of my relationship status, my financial status, or my physical energy level.

I have better tools to deal with challenging emotions and problems that come up in my life. Since I have the tools, I don’t need to sweep so much under the rug, and I get to create a life that truly works for me every step of the way.

My practice brings me right to the core of who I am in the world, and I come away inspired about what I need to do next.

All of this has a positive impact on every single area of my life, over and over again.

It brings me a lasting sense of peace that keeps me grounded & focused even when the world around me is chaotic.

It arms me with the clarity & passion to put in work every day for what’s really important to me.

I feel so much more connected to a sense of oneness and powerful faith – starting with faith in myself.

And my relationships with everything outside of myself – my family, my friendships, my home, my career – are set up to thrive and persevere no matter what.

As someone who has always been motivated towards personal growth so I can better help other people, the best part of practicing Conscious Wholeness is noticing the impact on the people around me.

The people who aren’t good for me naturally fall off, and my soul people come out of the woodwork.

They start saying the things that I really want and need to hear from them, sometimes without me even asking them to.

I see them stepping up to their life & thriving more and more.

They self-sabotage less, collaborate with me more, embrace more of their own deepest desires, and practice more of their natural creativity.

Most importantly, I’m able to be more genuinely encouraging of them, the more I’m working Conscious Wholeness… the more I’m allowing all the awareness, desires, and inspiration that come with it.

The resistance is getting easier & easier to move through, because man, is it worth it. I see the evidence all around me.

showing up to the work
Are you ready to show up?

Remember how I said before I love helping people? This is the best way I know how.

Doing the deep work to get our inner ducks in a row is always the first step.

Identifying what we want, where our hangups are, and lining up with what we actually want – mind, body, and energy.

Accepting the way things are right now. Believing in ourselves. Knowing what we want. Listening to our bodies. Clearing up and leveraging the power of our energy. Setting boundaries. Taking inspired action and trusting the process.

These are the sorts of things that I break down step-by-step in Conscious Wholeness.

Conscious Wholeness is something that everyone has, and everyone does – I just find that having it broken down like this makes practicing so much easier, faster, and kind of a no-brainer.

It takes away some struggle and confusion and offers up fuller plates of the good stuff – epiphanies, opportunities, magic, etc – all in endless supply.

A strong foundation of willingness & systems for doing our own deep inner work sets us up to be successful in all the other work that life requires from us… the work of building careers, being in intimate and professional relationships, providing value to the world, becoming a better human every day.

For instance, Conscious Wholeness has naturally paved the way for me to continue taking on very necessary anti-racism work. This is an excerpt from Me and White Supremacy by Layla F Saad.

Conscious Wholeness nurtures a deep love for & belief in myself, which makes me want to be a better lover of and believer in others. And, honestly, this is what the world absolutely needs from all of us right now. When we better love ourselves, we better love each other, and we better love the planet that is our shared home.

So, even if this isn’t for you, I do hope you’ll still find ways to love yourself more fully today. ????????

If you’re feeling called to more, and you’re ready to move through resistance, I would so love for you to join me inside of Conscious Wholeness.

Need to talk it out? Set up a time to connect with me today.

Sending so much love until next time.

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