Why You Shouldn’t Listen To Me

This might seem like a strange topic, coming from someone who provides guidance & advice for a living. But, it’s true – you shouldn’t listen to me… you should listen to YOU!! Don’t get me wrong, I really value the trust my clients show by implementing my advice, and I’d never work with someone who just straight up refused to listen to me. Still, the main goal of working with my clients is to help them hear themselves more clearly & follow their own internal guidance more confidently. This way, the trust & understanding they build within themselves can carry them through each challenge they face, no matter how complex. So… if my advice doesn’t feel good to you, please, don’t listen to it! Listen to yourself instead. Your collaboration with other people (including me!) will only get stronger this way. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!! See you next week.

Get More Done: Prioritizing When You’re Busy But Not Productive


Are there things youd like to accomplish in life, but you dont know where youll find the time?

Many people are busy all the time, without actually being productive at all. Its maddening and draining to spend valuable time and energy running in circles. Were busy scooping water out of a sinking boat that has holes in the bottom.

Perpetual busy-ness leaves us feeling scattered. When were feeling this way, we cant decide and act with clarity when opportunities arise – often because were running so fast we blew right by the opening.

When we dont clear time and space in our minds, our homes, and our calendars, leaving room for relaxation, reflection, introspection, and the unexpected, were blind to new opportunities, or we block them from entering our lives entirely. When we do this, were rejecting our ticket up to lifes next level.

Clearing time and space means saying noto things, when sometimes weve been saying yesfor awhile. The thought of re-arranging to clear space for the unseen can be daunting, to say the least.

The good news is, you dont need to take this on alone.

If youd like to be more productive and less busy, so you can comfortably rise to your lifes next level, here are three steps to get started:


  • Check your beliefs about success. What do you believe it’ll take to up-level? Are you afraid achieving more will require you to work longer and harder? This isn’t always true. As humans, we avoid pain, and we prefer the familiar. Thinking we’ll need to run ourselves ragged to get things accomplished can prevent us from ever starting in the first place. It IS possible to do-do-do less while achieving more. Believing it’s possible is an important first step.



  • Do what you want, not what you “should”. Start paying attention to the parts of your day that make you feel good, and the parts that don’t feel so good. Ask your body what it wants and needs from you, even if this feels a little silly at first, so it can become your best friend instead of your biggest stumbling block. Take time to dream about the things that inspire you, and the places you want to go. Imagine the things you want to achieve. Say “yes” to the things that feel good, that take you in your desirable direction, and let the rest go to make space for something new.



  • Get good support. Outsource. Find experts who love doing what you’re weakest at. When it makes sense, release control and let other people take responsibility. Would it take someone else 5 minutes to do something that takes you 5 hours? Are there agencies available to help you with things like family care or running errands? Hire a personal assistant, a personal trainer, a coach, or some type of unbiased, inspirational support to keep you accountable and help you see things clearly. Think about what support you’ll need from your loved ones to make changes in your schedule, and ask them for what you need. Ask for help, and be willing to receive it.


Above all else, know that focusing your energy towards your goals makes you smart and successful, not lazy or irresponsible, and accepting help is a strength not a weakness.

Taking these steps to be more productive and less busy will help you plug the holes in your boat, for smooth sailing all the way to the top.

Don’t forget to enjoy the view.


Have You Enjoyed Your Conversations Lately?

This week I’m musing about enjoying our conversations. For many of us, our interactions with other people offer up some of the most difficult parts of our day. It doesn’t have to be this way. Our relationships with other people can be the most fulfilling parts of our lives, both personally and professionally. Collaborating helps us achieve more together than we ever could alone. We want communicating to feel easy, we want to achieve our goals, we want to feel more understood & respected by the people around us, and we want to excite others to work with us towards the things we care about. Doing what it takes to ENJOY the conversations we have can help us do these things. There’s always something to learn from each interaction, and there’s always SOMETHING you can enjoy. Start today. And please, leave a comment & let me know what you think! See you next week.


Finding Closure & Expansion After Hard Times

Are you embarking on a new beginning after a time of confusion, questioning, or challenging darkness? Challenging times offer us opportunities to grow, and they can be launching pads helping us clarify our goals & move towards our desires. On the other hand, if we keep our challenges hidden from view, we’ll never feel truly seen or understood by others, and more importantly, we won’t love all parts of ourselves with the fullness & wholeness it takes to m. Our personal darkness & how we manage it makes us who we are – for better or for worse. Today’s tip offers some questions you can use to bring closure to your challenges – so you can expand through embracing your darkness and the lessons it brings & move forward with a clean, clear slate. At the end, I share about how these Tuesday videos will be changing moving forward! Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in May.


How to Welcome More Awesomeness Into Your Life

Sometimes welcoming good things into our lives is easier said than done. Today’s Tuesday Tip Video offers three steps you can take to welcome your desires in with a little more ease and a little less effort. You deserve everything you’ve been asking for, and it’s ready for you!! Follow these steps to relax and allow the good things to come in. Let me know how it goes, won’t you? See you next week!

How to Inspire, Excite, & Engage with Others… When You Aren’t Really Feeling It

When it comes to building success and leaving a legacy, we need to build engaging connections with other people – our core support system, our clients, our bosses, our teams… Everyone! Other people play important parts in the lives we’re creating, even if you prefer to roam as a lone wolf most of the time. Inspiring the people around you can feel daunting, especially when you’re not feeling inspired yourself. Still, learning how to inspire & engage other people can be an invaluable tool in your life if you develop it. Today’s tip video gives you 3 considerations to get started! Enjoy.


How to Navigate Change Like a Pro

This week’s Tuesday Tip is all about change!
Change is an unavoidable part of life. It’s a necessary part of growth & expansion. If you aren’t actively changing, life will change things up for you. When we’re able to roll with the changes rather than resisting them, we can use them to our advantage rather than letting them knock us off course entirely. Today’s video will help you become master change artist, so you can experience consistent stability – no matter what life throws at you.

How to Easily Connect in Elite Social Environments

Are you looking to connect with people who have more accomplishments, connections, or more money than you do? It can be intimidating walking into a room filled with elite and powerful people, but it doesn’t need to be. Today’s video gives you some things to consider while connecting with different circles so you can make the connections you’re looking for at social events. Implement these tips and you’ll effortlessly impress the folks you’re dying to connect with, allowing you to reach your goals and up-level your success over and over again.

Move Towards Success: How to Spot Self Sabotage Before It Sinks Your Ship

Have you or a loved one ever been impacted by self-sabotaging decisions or behaviors?

Self-sabotage describes actions and choices that take us farther away from our goals rather than closer to them. If you’re working towards a goal you haven’t been able to achieve yet, there’s a good chance you’re sabotaging your own efforts somewhere behind the scenes. Even (especially) if you’re not aware you’re doing it.

Talking about this topic has the potential to get very heavy really fast. It’s one of the least desirable areas of life, and it applies to everyone. Self-sabotage is a natural thing. It impacts every area of our lives.

The skill of spotting self-sabotage and choosing to re-direct is important for everyone because once you’re able to spot these habits before autopilot takes over, your biggest challenge becomes disaster prevention rather than recovery and rebuilding after a total shipwreck.

If you’re looking to create something new in your life – usually better health, better relationships, or more money – spotting self-sabotage before it takes you off track is a skill you need to master. You’re getting your sword sharpened on the topic today! Take these steps to stop self-sabotage before it sinks your ship:

  1. Become aware of your patterns. Think back… What do your high points look like? Where are your lows? What steps happen in between, bringing you up and down over and over? Once you see how your unique patterns play out in your life, you’ll be much more able to spot them as they occur. Once you’re so familiar with your self-sabotaging behaviors and patterns that you can spot them in the moment, you’ve gained the power and awareness you need to make a different decision.
  2. Notice how fear pops up when you consider making a different choice. Recognize that it’s a good thing! It often means that you’re on the right track, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Fear responses are designed to keep us “safe”, and our animal brain has learned that our patterns are safe – that’s why we keep repeating them over and over again, no matter how much new pain they cause over time. When we consider something new, fear tries to scare us back into the pattern. Embrace the fear, try new choices anyway, and get support to help you see things clearly during this time.
  3. Remain persistent and focused on what you want to accomplish. Remember and develop the vision you’re working towards, especially when the going gets tough. Know that challenge and failure are important parts of the process. Remind yourself repeatedly that you deserve to reach your goals, and it’ll be safe to enjoy your accomplishments once you get there. Even once you reach your goals, you’ll find new ones to work towards, and that’s OK! You’ll always want more, and you’ll always have what you need to go out and get it.

Above all else, remember to take very good, loving care of yourself. This is challenging, brave, never-ending work, and practice IS perfect! Before you know it, you’ll be sailing in a straight line no matter what weather comes up. Good luck, and safe travels.