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The Evolution & The Gift of Conscious Wholeness

In 2009 my life was changing.

One of my senior photos taken while earning my undergrad degree.

I was a senior at Boston University and I was thinking about that big life question – “what’s next?”

I’ve always known what I want in life in terms of the impact I want to have. The path to MAKE that impact has not always been so clear. 

In 2009, I remember sitting on the front porch of my apartment building smoking a cigarette with a friend. We talked about the episode of LOST we’d just watched. Then, somehow, the conversation turned to who we wanted to be in the world.

I told him that I wanted to develop & teach psychological theory.
I believed I could make the world a better place by helping people feel happier. 

When I reflect over the last 10 years, this is still one thing I know for sure. If I can help people feel better, I can change the world. (So can you). This is what drives me, it always has.

At that time, I knew little of real happiness.

My most enjoyable moments were fueled by nicotine, booze, & uppers. 

I thought that happiness was about suppressing all of my pain – so I could keep smiling and stay positive. So I could keep grinding for success in our system & receive all the material pleasures that success offers. 

Since then, in my quest for true happiness, my life has opened me up to so much more than that. 

My graduation from Boston University.
My 24th birthday in 2013.

Years later, with some work experience and therapy under my belt, came another huge realization about how I wanted to contribute to the world. 

I hated seeing the ways our social, healthcare, and government systems oppress people every day.

Our system is a reflection of the values it was built upon. We all (often unknowingly) reinforce these values inside of ourselves & in our relationships every single day. The values I’m referring to here are rooted in our assumptions about what it means to be poor, or to be mentally ill, or to have different skin color or sexual preference or gender. 

We’ve created a system that sorts us all into uncomfortable boxes that allow a few of us can stand on top to take in the beautiful view.

As my systemic discomfort grew, I started referring to my big vision (very privately) as my Martin Luther King Jr. goal.

I’ve idolized MLK Jr. since I was a kid. I realize I might be out of place referencing his image this way.

What this goal meant to me was that in order to help people feel HAPPIER, I needed to help everyone feel EQUAL and FREE too. I needed to create a world where we can all feel safe and good enough exactly as we are. We need to feel that our contributions are valuable, whatever those contributions may be. 

During my trip to Ireland in August 2019.

After 10 years, I stand before you with an imperfect life.

I don’t have all the money in the world, or all the power, all the respect, or all the opportunity that I’d like. There are absolutely still things I’m working on, things I’m calling in, goals I’m moving towards every day. I’m discovering new desires every step of the way.

What I *DO* have is a clear understanding of exactly how to feel freer, safer, more satisfied and truly happy at any moment regardless of what’s going on around me.

In the absence of everything and everyone else, I could explore my own body and mind for eternity. I know how to find faith and trust in myself, how to find strength and freedom from there. I know how to BE with myself, finding deep pleasure & love in my quietest moments.

This doesn’t mean that I always feel amazing. I cry, get angry, doubt, lose faith. I grieve when I lose people & things I love and sometimes I fear my own death.

What’s different is that I KNOW how to honor these feelings and shift them into a more empowering place whenever I want to. I have the awareness and strategies to notice sooner & bring myself back every single time I step off the track.

Suppressing ourselves in any way is not the answer.

By listening to ourselves, understanding ourselves, loving ourselves, and integrating all of that love into the core of who we are, we become free.  

People say there’s no clear process for how to do this, but they’re wrong. That’s exactly what I’ve created for you in Conscious Wholeness

Conscious Wholeness was previously called Mental Wholeness.

Conscious Wholeness provides strategies and exercises with the power to change your entire life for the better – especially when you commit to a lifelong practice. 

My own Conscious Wholeness provides an inner sense of happiness and freedom that relies on ME and me alone.

Conscious Wholeness cultivates freedom that doesn’t rely on my bank account, my relationships, my job, my “success” in the eyes of others, my living environment, or anything else. 

My Conscious Wholeness allows me to more deeply nurture those parts of my life from a base-level of fulfillment, so I can build a life that’s perfect for me, spreading love & wholeness to everyone I come into contact with. 

These are the foundational tools I use to build emotional intelligence & independence, allowing me to cultivate loving healthy relationships with all other things outside of myself.

For me, this is my first step to pursuing literally anything else.

This is the culmination of all the work I’ve done over the past 10+ years – condensed down into a course you can easily complete in 3 months. 

To begin a lifetime of Conscious Wholeness, you’ll spend a fraction of the time, money, and energy that I’ve spent learning it myself (hundreds of thousands of dollars and almost as many hours on education, certifications, client work, my own learning/personal growth, etc). 

Even better, when you say YES to Conscious Wholeness before midnight tonight (Wednesday 12/4/2019), an additional person of your choice will receive lifetime access to the Conscious Wholeness community & content for free.

This can happen in one of two ways:

A person of your choice will receive the free access

OR – if you’d like, I’ll select an applicant who has financial need. (email me if you’d like to be considered & I’ll send you the application –

People who LOVE learning & personal growth will love this gift.

They probably listen to a lot of YouTube videos and other inspirational content.

They might have a lot of great ideas that they haven’t yet brought to fruition, or they’re having trouble settling into “their thing” in life – the “right” job, relationship, or city – because they’re always called towards something new, something better.

Maybe they need more support than they can afford right now.

Or, maybe they’re simply going through a hard time and it’s tough for them to reach out.

They (and you) want relationships, supports, & streams of income that don’t compromise who you are as people.

That’s all on the menu here.

Conscious Wholeness provides tools to BE with yourself in a new way, in every moment – so you can make conscious choices that’ll empower & inspire you and everyone around you, no matter what.

Your purchase of the course includes an Epiphany Session with me, a distance energy healing, instant access to 10+ hours of pre-recorded content, workbooks, and more.

This is a gift that will keep on giving way past the holiday season.

It all started on that porch with the realization that more happiness could have a positive impact on the world. It grew with the realization that to be truly, deeply happy, we need to feel free.

Freedom is not something we’re given or born into, it’s something we cultivate ourselves.

I would love to support you in finding the same freedom for yourself. 

Join me in Conscious Wholeness today & bring a friend for free.

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Sending lots of love to you always. Thanks for reading. Talk soon. <3 

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