S.L.I.C.E. Values Video Series

Are you familiar with the name of my business – S.L.I.C.E. Inspiration & Consulting

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Have you wondered what the S.L.I.C.E. stands for? 

I created the S.L.I.C.E. Values video series for you, where I explained that S.L.I.C.E. is an acronym standing for my core values in business – Success, Love, Interdependence, Creativity, and Expansion. 

In this 5 video series over on YouTube, I spent time diving deeper into what each of these values means to me. 

Here’s the video about Success. 

Here’s the video about Love. 

Here’s the video about Interdependence. 

Here’s the video about Creativity. 

Here’s the video about Expansion. 

These are the values that drive me & guide every decision I make, as I provide inspiration & help my clients with their goals & projects. 

Will you watch the videos? I would love to hear what you think! Leave a comment. 

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Thanks for reading & watching! Take care. 

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