Toxic Masculinity

toxic masculinity

I drew this about a year ago and called it Toxic Masculinity.

I see the masculine side of myself conditioned to drive out every ounce of my feminine – in the name of productivity, accomplishment, success, etc…

This patriarchal mindset is a tough one to shake. 

“Toxic Masculinity” goes so much deeper than most people think.

It’s all about the way we view and value things that are on a more “feminine” side of life – emotions, surrender, spirituality, sexuality… 

What do you view as “feminine”? And, how do you feel about those things?

Toxic Masculinity works inside of all of us – even more so when we aren’t aware of it. 

This shows up as…

Being overly competitive with each other.

Calling ourselves lazy, and being unable to enjoy downtime.

Ignoring our own intuition & emotional guidance, going against our natural cycles.

It shows up in the way we encourage men to be men in our culture – suggesting that “being a man” equates to having zero emotion & being completely detached from/in control of our feminine side.

We can’t swing to the other polarity – over valuing feminine and casting out the masculine sides of ourselves. We need our drive, intellect, focus, decisiveness, confidence… 

A more balanced approach is called for. 

We can…

Support our inner masculine to show up & provide for our inner goddess.

Encourage our inner masculine to refine & follow our own feminine guidance.

Allow our inner goddess to relax into the safe structure our masculine provides.

This looks like…

Accessing intuition AND taking inspired action.

Putting strategies & systems in place for ourselves that create room for us to flow and grow. 

Creating an organized life that provides regular times for us to shut off, AND knowing how to actually relax & restore ourselves when that time comes.

When we approach life from a place of balanced masculine & feminine energy, we become more powerful and fulfilled in all areas of life. 

I would love to help you along your way with this… 

I’m offering a repeat performance of my free, virtual class Transforming Dark Moments into Opportunties for Expansion – Tuesday 5/14 @ 12 PM EST. 

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I’ll share three specific strategies that will help you embrace a healthy masculine/feminine balance, so you can be an even more powerful and effective version of yourself.

Finding energetic balance is extremely helpful in moving gracefully through dark moments, and masculine/feminine balance is a part of that.

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