Letting Go

Have you guys ever heard that saying… “If you love something, let it go”? I don’t know about you, but I always find that letting go is easier said than done. A little annoying when someone tells you “Just let it go”… right? When I really want something, whatever it may be, it’s comes naturally …

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Having healthy self-esteem means noticing your human imperfections, and loving yourself anyway. Healthy self-esteem is essential to happiness. You don’t have to be perfect to deserve your own love and understanding. If you wait for perfection, you’ll be waiting forever. As humans, we’re imperfect by definition. All of us. We make mistakes, we take time …

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Be Yourself

Do you ever worry that people won’t like you? Maybe you worry that you sound stupid? Or maybe you’re not attractive to others? Maybe you’re boring? Or your breath smells? Or *insert scary negative judgment here*…. Lately, fears like these have been HUGE on my radar. They’re partially rooted in a natural human fear of …

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