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Digging Out Guidance from Inside

When times get rough, rely on guidance from inside.

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When we’ve lost our job, or a loved one, when the world makes no sense & it’s not clear who to trust, or if we’ve simply followed our intended path all the way to the end & our destination doesn’t look like we thought it would, it’s natural to start looking for answers. We start asking things like “why?” and “what now?”…

Many of us have a tendency to look for these answers outside of ourselves.

We just want someone to tell us what to do. We want external gratification & validation. The perfect dose of motivational porn, the newest school of thought, the next amazing healing, or the perfect person, opportunity or experience…

Anything that’ll deliver our “golden ticket” moment of clarity and turn everything around for us. We want someone to come save us. We want the universe to swoop in with a solution.

Whatever we think we need, we want it yesterday.

Outside information & support is necessary, and it *can* be incredibly helpful – when sought, received, & navigated wisely.

Lord knows you deserve all the support you can handle along your journey. The universe is more than happy to help you along the way.

That being said, the whys in your life & how to move forward towards what you really want always lives inside of YOU.

You and you alone have the information & awareness to connect with your next best step. You and you alone can cultivate willingness to dig out & act on guidance from inside of you. Period.

Following anything else won’t get you where you want to go – definitely not if you’re following without a firm footing in yourself to move from first.

Following guidance from inside isn’t always straightforward or easy.

We have all kinds of internal barriers protecting us from our deepest, most critical information. We have barriers that prevent us from going deeper with ourselves to dig up the truth. These defenses come at us fully loaded.

For starters, our society systematically separates us from our inner guidance – so we can “fit in”, work on the system’s schedule & spend our money to keep the machine turning as fast as the powerful want it to turn.

Basically from conception, we start learning exactly how to suppress ourselves so we can conform with the world around us, & justify it to ourselves however we need to.

Doing something else *is* scary for so many reasons. To shed our conditioning feels like we’re facing death and excommunication – that’s how scary it feels to the deepest parts of ourselves. This fear keeps many people safely stuck.

We have all sorts of ways to keep ourselves distracted.

Different parts of us send us on wild self-sabotaging goose chases. Loaded emotional patterns keep playing themselves out, confusing us & taking us out. We simply can’t find the energy to show up the way we want to.

If you’re anything like me, this stuckness is deeply unsatisfying. You want more.

There’s a way out of this vicious cycle…

It’s understanding exactly *how* to navigate through those inner barriers & find guidance inside – quickly – so we can discern our inner truth to lead us forward. Then, continuing to lean on that solid understanding & inner truth to choose the right-for-us move at any time – whether it’s heeding the perfect advice, setting a new boundary, enlisting the right support, or taking the most powerful & perfect-in-the-moment inspired action.

When we can break it down and understand HOW to better leverage our complete inner wholeness any time, making great choices becomes easier.

I call this Conscious Wholeness:

Choosing thoughts that support me & provide what I need to take a step forward.

Using my body as a wand that moves mountains, parts seas, and summons whatever I want in the world.

Intentionally focusing my energy in the moment on whatever I’m consciously choosing.

Anyone can do this and benefit from it. What does Conscious Wholeness look like for you?

When we practice this over and over, we can spend less & less time circling the truth, and more & more time actually *feeling* it in a lasting, impactful way.

By putting our understanding to use in our lives, we can reprogram ourselves so that finding guidance from inside is our default. When we do this, we give ourselves the power to make a significant difference in our OWN lives any time we choose.

Flowers for you. <3

An ever-deeper breakdown of HOW to go deeper into yourself, to go farther, faster, more consistently in your life & work is what I provide in my self-study course Conscious Wholeness.

I want to help you find answers inside about the “something more” you’re looking for, and make the process enjoyable for you NOW.

I want to lead you over & around those inner barriers to the hidden places where the “more” you’re looking for is already living inside of you.

Sorting ourselves out like this creates space for the outside world to organize around us perfectly.

Man oh man, does the world need this from us right now. Are you doing this work?? Give me some love & encouragement in the comments!

Where are you holding yourself back from your truth right now? What could bring you closer to your own truth today?

Would you love to go there with me? We’d love to have you in Conscious Wholeness – or check out the Work With Me page for other ways to connect. Feel free to message me any time for help finding the right support for you – .

Sending lots of love always. Until next time. ????????

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