Two Happiness Skills

Two big happiness skills to practice: awareness and persistence.

You’ve gotta notice negative thoughts when they show up, and be persistent about debunking them when they do.

I don’t think our inner critic ever fully goes away… it’s a part of us. Actually, it can be pretty useful sometimes.

But even though we can’t erase it, we CAN choose our response to it.

When that little voice in your head says “GROSS” as you look in the mirror, you have to talk back. Like… “That’s not very nice, little voice. I look freaking gorgeous, but thanks anyway!!”

Strengthen your ability to talk back, and you’ll be happier in no time.

Practice that today, and please, let me know how it goes!! Is this a breeze for you, or is it pretty tough? Tell me about it!

Take care guys, and be kind to yourselves!! 🙂

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