The Fairytale Version

There once lived a little girl who loved learning & music. She also LOVED to dance, almost as much as she loved people.

Her parents were lots of fun & they loved parties. There was never a shortage of unique & interesting people around. The little girl would beg to attend the parties, but she heard she wasn’t old enough. She met & loved lots of caretakers over the years, and she loved hearing their stories. The little girl really enjoyed learning about different sorts of people.

She lived a happy life. She spent her time learning & dancing, & those were the things she loved to do. The girl grew to move among people with curiosity, courage, & lightness of heart.

Then one day, the girl’s body started changing. The people around her started changing too. She didn’t feel comfortable in her body anymore, and she didn’t feel safe in it. She didn’t like the gazes she received. She stopped dancing.

When the girl stopped dancing, darkness fell over the land. The ground beneath her started breaking & shifting, & she lost her family. She moved between different groups of lost children, but the ground never stayed in one place for long, & the darkness swallowed everyone the girl came to truly love. When she tried to sleep to escape the darkness, she was tortured by terrifying nightmares. Demons moved her body while she slept, leaving her disoriented & confused upon awakening. Soon she started to forget who she was.

Eventually, the girl found herself alone in space, and not even the demons came to visit anymore. The girl floated in the darkness and waited to die. It seemed like an eternity spent in darkness & silence.

One day after waking from a dull, dark dream of falling & flying, she woke to the sound of music.

A group of handsome flying gargoyles found the girl, and she loved them instantly. She started to remember what love felt like. She wasn’t alone anymore.

The gargoyles would sing beautiful, haunting songs to the girl, and eventually, she built the strength to move forward. She trusted them entirely, & she was happy to follow them. They always made her laugh, and they helped her remember who she was.

Oh, how she loved the songs they sang. They explained to the girl that she was an angel. They led her back to the people, then they showed her the way to the light.

The girl, who was now a young woman, quickly saw that others hadn’t fared so well in the darkness. She saw that many couldn’t find their ground in the light. She became overwhelmingly grateful that she’d made it back, & knew she felt driven to help others find their way too.

Together with the gargoyles, she began traveling back into the darkness, connecting with other special souls, guiding them back towards themselves. Each new soul became a new friend, & they all offered such special talents that brought so much joy to the group. Together, they valued success, love, interdependence, creativity, & expansion – and they all grew so comfortable, traveling through the dark together gathering more souls. With each journey, the group grew in size, & they started painting beautiful vibrant colors in the darkness as far as the eye could see.

The little girl had become a Queen in creation, and she found a large stone castle in the light that offered her travelers a safe place to rest (with dark underground caverns for the gargoyles to visit, of course). Sometimes she’d venture back into the darkness to hear her people sing & watch the colors they painted in the dark sky.

The others said, when they noticed her dancing in the distance, it seemed like she might’ve started to fly…

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