Mental Wholeness Strategies: Emotional Alchemy

emotional alchemy

It has been said that emotions are energy in motion; emotions are energy moving through our body. Emotional alchemy will help you take the reins back over this process, so you can use all of that energy to your advantage & use any emotional experience to create positive momentum in your life.

Practicing emotional alchemy is transforming your emotions into gold you can use to create your best life.

This is the strategy that usually meets the most resistance – for both my clients and myself. We live in a world that fears emotion, and as a result, most of us fear our own deep emotions too.

One time, as a teenager, I remember feeling so much heated rage running through me that I ran outside and laid down in the winter snow.

This actually kind of worked… better than anything else I’d found, at least.

I’ve literally writhed & screamed in emotional pain, feeling so alone, so betrayed, so hopeless, so angry… I really struggled with my emotions for a long time.

My feelings are very strong, and I never received tangible guidance growing up about how to deal with my strong emotions – without shoving them down.

Shoving my emotions down only ever led to anxiety, pain, substance abuse, and total meltdowns when the weight got to be too much.

(Check out this article that talks about the link between emotional health and physical health – it’s no joke).

We are always going to experience a full spectrum of emotion. Highs, lows, and everything in between. (Recognizing and embracing this is an important part of Acceptance).

We need a way to deal with the challenging emotions in a manner that doesn’t sink us.

Especially when you’re someone who feels things really strongly, like me.

It is 100% YOUR responsibility to manage to way you feel.

Emotional Alchemy is all about honing your ability to feel really good unconditionally – regardless of your life situation or what the people around you are doing.

It’s about flowing with what you’re feeling on a moment to moment basis, and allowing that feedback to guide you.

Thinking you can rain positivity over your challenging times or just “love and light” your way out of every conflicting feeling you have doesn’t really work – it’s spiritual bypassing.

Emotions aren’t inherently good or bad, they just are.

All emotions are valuable.

When we welcome the full spectrum of emotion, we’re welcoming a full and diverse life.

When we shut ourselves down emotionally, we create a breeding ground for disease in our bodies & discontent in our relationships.

Emotional Alchemy requires switching from resistance to curiosity when it comes to your emotions – curiosity without judgment.

Nothing stuffs an emotion down better than feeling like you shouldn’t be experiencing it, so leave your judgment at the door.

Then take three basic steps:

  1. Lean in to what you’re feeling. Try to understand where you’re coming from without judgment.
  2. Feel the feeling completely, really finding the sensation in your body and giving your focus to it, curious for any feedback or messages the sensation has for you. Allow what comes up & stick with it until you feel a relieving shift in your body. (I’ve processed emotions that took days or weeks, but usually this part only takes minutes or moments).
  3. Examine the situations & your perspectives that led to your feelings. Examine the role you played in everything that led to this emotion. Are there any new understandings that could create resolution & more connection with yourself and the people around you? What can you learn from your experience? What can you do differently & what will you repeat again in the future?

It is extremely helpful to have outside support while diving into Emotional Alchemy, especially during the third step.

This is without fail the first guidance I give to those who work with me – start looking at the unprocessed emotions behind what you’re experiencing right now. It’s a practice that will change your life right away.

I went deeper into the emotional alchemy process in this video.

For now, I’ll leave you with this question: What emotion is waiting right under the surface of your awareness, ready to be felt?

Share in the comments, or check out my free FB group The Cocoon, and share your answers in there. We would love to witness & support you!

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The next strategy is Boundaries.

Mental Wholeness Strategies: Body Buzz

Your body can lead you towards everything you’ve ever wanted.

Body Buzz is all about tapping into this potential, so you can use your body as your wand and your guide in the world.

There’s nothing and no-one you can trust more deeply than your body.

(Though admittedly, the signs can be a bit confusing, especially after experiencing trauma).

Your body is a magical vessel that carries your consciousness and your soul/spirit/divine connection.

It has the ability to heal itself.

It can guide you towards the fulfillment of your purpose… through following your desires & what feels REALLY GOOD for you. How freaking cool is that?

You may say that you’re sick, or you have evidence your body isn’t a friend of yours.

If that sounds like you, I challenge you to reconsider. I’m confident that you’re going to get a lot farther working WITH your body than you ever could working against it.

Hating your body IS working against it. Resisting every physical and emotional impulse IS working against it.

The way I see it, Body Buzz works in three layers: body love (video), prioritizing physical comfort, and seeking pleasure.

To tap into this component of Mental Wholeness, love your body exactly as it is.

Choose to prioritize your own comfort and physical well-being.

Seek activities that bring your body pleasure, and be willing to experience good-feeling things on deeper and deeper levels.  

This is about nurturing a deep connection to your body, and heeding the guidance you receive. Period.

It’s not just about “taking care of yourself” by forcing your body into activities/diets/procedures that logically make sense to you, or that society says you should do.

Get curious and LISTEN to the messages your body is sending you, on a moment to moment basis. Nurture a smooth line of communication between mind and body.

Create a routine that taps into these principles to train your body to buzz on the regular – no substances required.

(Of course, you’re free to dabble in substance as you wish, you won’t find any judgment here).

Replace parts of your routine that you do because you “should” or you feel like you need to with things that your body actually WANTS and loves.

Is your body craving macaroni and cheese? Eat up. Thoroughly enjoy every bite. Don’t shame yourself for it.

Without the complications of shame and negative self-talk, your body can ask for what it wants & you can give it to yourself – without judgment.

Make sure you drink lots of water and eat lots of veggies, too. Notice how that feels in your body. Be willing to learn about your body’s unique dietary preferences. Seek a balance that makes YOU feel good – as opposed to judging any food as inherently good or bad. Try to eat in a way that brings you pleasure – before, during, and after.

Instead of running on a treadmill or doing exercise that you hate doing, do something you love – like putting on one of your favorite songs and dancing around at full blast, or going for a walk outside.

Stretch your body lots.

Have plenty of orgasms.

I just stopped writing this to stretch out my spine. I didn’t even need to get off the couch to stretch things out in a way that felt really satisfying.

It probably looked kind of funny, but whatever.

Prioritize asking your body what it needs to feel loved, comfortable, and turned on to sensation in each moment – then deliver on what it’s asking for. Look for answers inside of yourself. See what happens.

Connecting & communicating with your body in this way will not only help you feel better NOW. You’ll feel better and better over time.

Let me give you an example of how this can work with what you’re already doing throughout your day.

Recently, I was removing some standing water our malfunctioning dishwasher. A potentially annoying situation, yeah?

Throughout the course of my task, I was crouched in uncomfortable positions. I worked with my body and listened to what it needed, stretching out my hips, legs, and spine, moving around as often as I needed to. I made sure my stomach was engaged, taking some weight off of my legs and hips.

My ears were fed with podcasts I love and some of my favorite vinyl to bring pleasure into the mix.

Making myself more comfortable and finding opportunities for pleasure made the whole experience much more enjoyable – about as enjoyable as trying to fix a dishwasher can be.

I left the situation with my mood intact – maybe even improved – even though I wasn’t able to get the dishwasher working again.

When your body, your love of your body, and pleasure (without judgment and shame) lead your choices, you’ll become happier and healthier for the rest of your life.

Tap into your body & love it up every second of the day.

It will lead you exactly where you need to be, and it’ll feel effortless.

You’ll become more aware of what you want, and more able to make your desires a reality. Making choices will become easier and easier.

Take a deep breath, feel all the way out through your fingers and toes, and ask this question: What can I do to bring my body more love, comfort, and pleasure – right now?

What would make your body buzz?

What actions are you inspired to take? I’d love to hear from you. Share in the comments, or check out my free FB group The Cocoon, and share your answers in there. We would love to witness & support you!

If you really want to take this deeper, I would absolutely love to have you in our upcoming group coaching round of Mental Wholeness – you can sign up to join us here.

The next strategy in this series is Beliefs.

Introducing the Emotional Alchemy Starter Kit

We are creative leaders, warriors of expression. We crave positive impact, encouraging others with every breath we take.
Our bodies are human animals. Emotions run wild inside of us, adding unique swagger to every move we make.
Is your animal your loyal friend and your most powerful secret weapon, like the Direwolves in Game of Thrones?
Or… do you explode out of your skin every full moon like a werewolf?
Maybe it’s both.
We’ve worked hard all our lives to get our inner beasts under control. We pulled this off with very little guidance and structure helping us to do it well.
We all deserve to bring out our best selves by nurturing our inner animals, and we all deserve support while we do it.
That’s what’s on offer when we practice Emotional Alchemy.
SLICE Inspiration & Consulting’s Emotional Alchemy Starter Kit offers three key exercises to transform all emotions and sensations into physical prowess and creative fuel.
Daily practice of these exercises keeps us sailing smoothly when life gets rough… when mistakes, losses, and the unexpected happen.
They help us love ourselves and others more fully.
READ: Significantly fewer “blow-up moments” that become shorter, scarcer, and actually more enjoyable over time.
(Mental wholeness takes us a step further… teaching us how to plant beautiful green grass & a flower garden exactly where we are in life – so we can create the world we want, rather than wistfully dreaming about the other side of the fence).
Emotional Alchemy deepens our experience in life, whether we’re new to emotional work or we already know our emotions deeply.
Saying “yes” to something like this doesn’t mean we’ve failed in any way, or that we can’t handle our shit.
Investing time and energy into this means we’re smart. It means we’re playful and curious. It means we’re open and willing to expand in all areas of life.
With these tools in hand, we’ll be better together than we could ever be alone.
Are you ready to turn your emotions into gold? Start making magic with the Emotional Alchemy Starter Kit today.


emotional alchemy starter kit