Offering Energetic Support During Trying Times

Have you noticed the energetic sh*tshow that’s been swirling around lately?

Have you felt unsettled, agitated, angry, overwhelmed, or fatigued more than usual?

Have chronic illnesses or sicknesses been running rampant among you and some of your favorite people?

If so, the video at the end of this post is for you.

It’s been hard for me to see so many people struggling lately, during what’s already a challenging time when for our money, health, and relationships.

When you consider all of the change going on in the world right now, and the shifting in our energetic environment that’s coming along with it, it makes us more vulnerable than usual to all the difficult aspects of this season.

I’m offering a 33% savings on energy healing intensives through the rest of December, to help my community stay strongly on their feet – despite this energetic sh*tshow or any details in their situation.

Email to get yours set up today! I’m only offering the savings to a limited number of folks – first come, first serve. They’re delivered distance, and we can schedule on a Saturday if we need to!

This is a very powerful way to take care of yourself as we move through our interesting times and our holiday season. The same old same old just isn’t cutting it these days. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, and I hope to talk to you soon.


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