Be Yourself

Do you ever worry that people won’t like you? Maybe you worry that you sound stupid? Or maybe you’re not attractive to others? Maybe you’re boring? Or your breath smells? Or *insert scary negative judgment here*….

Lately, fears like these have been HUGE on my radar. They’re partially rooted in a natural human fear of rejection. On a primal level, we’re always afraid that we’ll be rejected by our loved ones if they see who we really, truly are.

That’s why we build up all kinds of defenses and walls to keep people from seeing who we REALLY are. We slap a smile on when we actually feel like raging out. We create this persona of who we think we SHOULD be, so that the tribe will decide we’re alright and they’ll let us stick around.

It’s really important to be aware of this fear, because if you aren’t it’ll prevent you from doing all kinds of fun stuff… like having the body of your dreams, or speaking 100% freely with your closest people, or going after your goals in life.

Those fun things only come when you stay true to who you really are at your core. That shit is SCARY, because it makes you feel exposed. But, it really doesn’t have to be this way…

The secret is, you’re 100% perfect just the way you are, way down deep. Your darkest secrets, your wildest dreams, the craziest things that turn you on. That’s the you that I’d like to see, if you’re willing to share it. That’s the version of me that I want you to see.

What’s something you can do, right now, to share your real self with the world (or someone special in it)? If you’re not sure, try to let your mind be quiet, and I bet the answer will come to you…

Enjoy!! Love to all. <3

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