Three Questions to FINALLY Shake Those Last Ten Pounds For Good

Although I can help with various challenges, so many people want to lose weight at this time of year. We’ve been so busy eating, drinking, and being merry, that when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve we’re ready for an honest effort at a healthier lifestyle.

If that sounds familiar – you’re in great company! There’s so much conflicting/extreme information about weight loss out there, it can be difficult to pinpoint methods that truly work in a consistent, lasting way. It’s understandable if you’ve had trouble getting the results you’re after.

Today I’m offering three questions to consider when you’re trying to lose bulge that won’t budge, despite all of your best efforts and doing all the “right” things. (If you’re a writer, grab a pen and paper)!

Here we go…

1. How’s your mental game when it comes to your body?

I’m not talking about your willpower here, but about the way you talk to yourself. What are your inner critics saying? Do you give yourself compliments in the mirror? Or do you feel like you don’t deserve compliments until you’ve reached your goals?

Here’s the truth… Fully loving and accepting yourself/your body will always come before the reward. Keep your thoughts beautiful (whatever that means for you), and be persevering to keep them that way. The results will follow naturally.

2. Are you stressing yourself out when it comes to your weight?

Do your workouts send your body into stress mode? Do you feel deprived of foods you love? Are you constantly worried about calories, that extra inch around your middle, wondering if you’ll ever actually get the body you want?

Extreme/chronic stress is harmful for our health. Period. It also keeps those extra 10 pounds around our midsection.

Instead of following the mainstream that often punishes and distrusts the body, find movements that your unique body craves. Eat foods that make you feel fantastic. Crowd out the bad by injecting good into your routine. Drinking more water is a great place to start.

3. Do you have a subconscious attachment to the weight?

You might think I’m crazy for asking, but hear me out. If we’re having trouble getting what we want, there’s usually a subconscious part of ourselves sabotaging our conscious efforts behind the scenes.

Is the extra weight helping you stay invisible on some level? Is it wrapping you up in a big comfortable hug? Does it protect you from danger or offenders? Does it feel freeing and enjoyable to eat whatever you want whenever you want it?

If you’ve been trying to lose this weight for awhile and it’s not going anywhere, it’s time to look at what benefits it might be giving you, even subconsciously. Once you’re aware of the benefits, it’s much easier to reap them in other ways, so you can feel fully ready on every level to shed those pounds.

At the end of the day, strengthening your sense of internal guidance and following that guidance with intention will always be your fastest path to lasting results. When you’re in the habit of listening to that part of yourself, you WILL feel a difference in your life – and you’ll shed those last ten pounds.

Or… you’ll forget all about them.

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