Yours & Mine New Year Transition Ritual

Yesterday, I was inspired to spend time reflecting on 2018 and planning for the year ahead. 

Even though rituals aren’t always my thing, I stumbled into one that I’d love to share with you. Maybe it’ll inspire your own.

Working with natural cycles, like the end of a year and the beginning of a new one, is a powerful way to work with the energy of the universe. For me, it helps me to feel more in tune with the Earth and with my own intuition. It’s a time for me to access guidance from a source that feels much larger than myself. 

Collaborating with cycles in your life & career will smooth out the sometimes bumpy ride while bringing pleasure to the process. 

(Working with cycles is a part of Surrender Strategy – a set of steps designed to help you become stronger and stronger at manifesting the life and career you want). 

Let’s dive into what I did to mark this New Year transition. I hope you’ll celebrate this transition in your own way. 

My first step was to reflect on the year that’s ending. 

What were the high points of your year? What points were lows? Is there anything you see now about your year that you couldn’t see while it was happening? 

I love using Tarot cards for guidance at times like these, and it’s been a while since I played with large spreads, so I decided to use Tarot for this New Year exploration. I used the Morgan-Greer Tarot deck and The Dreams of Gaia Tarot deck

When reading Tarot or seeking any sort of guidance, it’s important to step into the energy of the highest version of yourself & what you’re creating. If you’re feeling anxious or scattered, lacking connection and confidence, that’s sure to come through in the cards. So, when you’re doing this at home, make sure you’re taking time to get in the right head space first. 

For my 2018 reflection spread, I pulled a card from each deck for each quarter of the year. (A total of eight cards). I surrounded the spread with some crystals and gifts that I’ve received this year.

As I read about the cards I’d pulled for each quarter, I looked through my calendar to remember what’d been happening during the three months in question. I jotted down some notes in a special notebook I keep for times like these. 

I remembered that this year has been amazing, and amazingly challenging, full of super high highs and the lowest of lows. In hindsight, I see so clearly how it all unfolded and where I might’ve focused my energies differently. 

What are you learning from 2018? Take some time to remember and reflect on your year. 

If you don’t have cards to use and you want to try something similar, it might be fun to pick a book and flip to a different page for each quarter of the year, looking for clues about helpful guidance and takeaways. You could also check out the Galaxy Tarot app for your phone or browse through the Tarot online. Or, of course, skip this part all together, and simply reflect!

The second step of my ritual was to release what I don’t want to take with me into 2019. 

What patterns of thought, beliefs, behaviors, or material items can you release now – to walk into 2019 a little bit lighter and more focused? 

I’ve been wanting to burn some of my morning pages for some time now, so I figured this would be the perfect time to do it. 

I gathered up as many of these pages as I could find, got a metal bowl and a lighter, bundled up, went outside, and started burning. 

Quickly growing cold and impatient with the burn, nervous with the wind, I went inside. 

My morning pages burn-fest became a tear fest. I tore up a year’s worth of morning pages into little pieces, put them all into my big metal bowl. Before I disposed of this, I smudged with some sage – an herb held sacred by Native Americans, used to purify negative energies and attract positive ones. 

While I tore things up, I found myself reading through some of my thoughts from the year and reflecting some more. 

(It’s worth saying that I write my morning pages on the computer now. As much as I love writing by hand, I love being able to review and delete regularly without using paper. I’ve also found that this encourages me to write more professionally, because it’s all happening in the same place).

While I had the sage out, I took the liberty of walking around the house to smudge each room. I focused my thoughts on blessing and clearing everything that’s taken place up until this point, asking for safety, love, and abundance to fill our space in 2019. 

I’ve also been spending lots of time cleaning and organizing, donating as much as possible, getting rid of what’s no longer needed. This is another great way to release and work with the energy of the New Year.  

What can you release right now to better prepare yourself for next year? Is there anything you’d like to do to symbolize this letting go?

For instance, you could write some things down on one sheet of paper, then burn that or tear it up. It doesn’t need to be the time-consuming act of tearing a huge stack of paper. 

The third and final step was to look forward to the year ahead. 

I chose to do another Tarot spread with the same decks. I pulled a card from each deck for each month of the upcoming year. Again, making sure to select my cards from a calm, confident, connected energy, focused on my life purpose and what I’m creating. 

As I went through month by month, I jotted down some more notes in my notebook reserved for Tarot readings. I took three sittings to get through the whole reading, plus a couple of snack breaks!

I received some inspiration for how I can organize my year. For instance, I’ll set aside plenty of time for learning in March. I’ll plan some time to focus on love and relaxation in July. In May, I’ll be ready to lovingly nurture my creative projects, even if that means making some sacrifices to get the work done. 

I noticed a theme for the year ahead. It’ll be a year of professional focus, a year of being unapologetically myself even in the face of adversity. 

Sounds like it might get a little uncomfortable at times, but hey, isn’t that always true? I’m excited. 

What are you expecting in the year ahead? What would you love to see happen? How will you organize your year? 

How will you make this ritual your own? Please share with us in the comments. 

I hope that we’ll stay connected in 2019. 

A last reminder – over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing the steps of Mental Wholeness one-by-one here on the blog. 

Mental Wholeness is designed to get you deeply connected with yourself (and something greater, if you believe in that sort of thing) so you can magnetize the perfect people and opportunities to you. It’ll help you find success in the New Year regardless of what resolutions you’re setting. 

Make sure to follow me here or on social media if you want to stay in the loop.

Thanks for reading. I hope you’ll enjoy celebrating the turn of the New Year. See you in 2019. 

Reflections & What’s Next

Merry Christmas from me, nine years ago.

Happy Holidays! I hope the season is treating you well.

This can be a challenging time of year, especially when life isn’t quite what you thought it’d be.

I do love this photo, but looking back, my smile wasn’t what it seemed. I was pretty miserable at this point in my life.

About 6 months before this picture was taken, I’d started a transformation. After bawling my eyes out to a friend about the loss of my first love to suicide – 5 years after that loss – I *finally* realized that no-one else would ever be able to rescue me from the pain I was feeling.

I’d been trying to find help outside of myself, to no avail. It was time to turn inward.

Taking full ownership for the way I was feeling & embracing my ability to do something about it was a huge turning point for me.

I connected with a suicide prevention organization and became a volunteer. I continued to work hard on my degree in psychology.

However, I didn’t realize then what I know now about turning points and personal transformation. Now I know that choosing to get started is the easy part of the process.

Learning how to sustain a totally new way of life can be hard, and it often gets worse before it gets better. Trying to make a change throws you into the fire deeper than you were before. Any time we commit to change, we’ll be tested.

I wasn’t doing well when this picture was taken. I’d developed wild anxiety, feeling completely insecure and inadequate most days.

I had panic attacks keeping me awake almost every night. Severe panic attacks, checking doors and windows multiple times over hours to make sure they were locked, terrified that I would never wake up if I fell asleep. Etc.

Being in my body was uncomfortable, so I was abusing myself with tons of chemicals – caffeine, nicotine, amphetamine, alcohol – every single day. I wasn’t eating enough and I was barely sleeping. (I’m sure this played a huge role in my anxiety)!

I felt unsupported in most of my relationships, and I’m sure I wasn’t very supportive for my people either. I had no idea how to communicate with the people in my life.

I’d buried my emotions for a long time, and everything started to come out.

While I believed I could have an impact on the world, and big dreams lived inside of me, I had no idea what I’d do after graduation.

I just knew that the world would be a happier place if I could help it’s people feel better.

Over the last nine years, I’ve been working on it, and I had to help myself feel better first.

I slowly took space from relationships that weren’t good for me. I continued volunteering, learning lots about suicide prevention & grief support. Being in a community that understood what I was going through was really helpful. Eventually, I started working as a mental health case manager, then working with clients for the first time threw me deeper into anxiety again.

At that point, I saw a therapist for a few years. I learned about fitness and nutrition, energy healing and other alternative health options while I continued to work in mental health.

With all of these things combined, I lifted myself out of the grave I’d been digging myself all those years. I started to feel genuinely happy again, about six years ago.  

Many more challenges presented themselves along the way… a traumatic car accident, relationships, and breakups, friend dramas, deaths, rejection from a graduate program (enter questioning – WTF do I do now?), injuries, dating, unhealthy/challenging work environments, more deaths, an arrest for DWI…  Plus, leaving my traditional career path to start my own business, which is by far one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

With each challenge, I refined my tools for coping and I learned some new ones. I’ve taken steps backward and forward, some wobbly, some that put me on my ass.

Overall, I’m deeply satisfied with my life.

I’m a LOT better at work, life, and relationships than I used to be. (The results my clients receive are even more stellar). I know how to positively impact the people around me – I don’t even need words to do it. It’s all about who I’m being in the moment. I love myself more every day, which allows me to give more to others and receive more from the world.

This makes for a much more enjoyable holiday season.

Life is going to hand us challenging times. Always. My program Mental Wholeness provides us with tools to use those challenges as fuel – so they can make us stronger rather than taking us out. With Mental Wholeness in hand, we’ll always know exactly how to stand back up and keep going when life puts us on our ass.

I’ve consolidated a lifetime of passion, time, resources, and energy into this foundational program for myself and my clients.

Don’t get me wrong, Mental Wholeness isn’t *just* for challenging times – it’s actually most helpful (and genuinely magical) to start practicing when things are going well – it just comes in extra handy when the shit hits the fan.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing the Mental Wholeness process step by step, here on my website and on Instagram. Consider taking me up on this holiday gift. Follow along and join in the conversation. Make sure to follow me if you want to stick around for that. @briannamcinerny

And until next time, I hope you enjoy this holiday season to the fullest. Sending all of my love to you and yours. We’ll talk again soon.

Staying Sane Throughout the Holiday Season

Staying consistent throughout the holiday season can be challenging. This time of year is full of demands & temptations that’ll test you to the fullest, no matter what you’re working towards. Still, this season can be the most joyful, powerful time of the year if you’re prepared for it. That’s why I offered a class last year about staying sane throughout the holiday season. 

This class provides simple strategies for making more conscious choices, so you can feel satisfied, connected, and whole all season long. 

Don’t wait to start fresh in the New Year. Get a running start into 2019 by staying consistent throughout the holiday season. Join me for this free, online class for a few powerful, helpful tips:


Surviving In Our Modern World with Mental Wholeness

We’ve been raised to think that fitting in is necessary for our survival.

Until recent years, we were right.

Safety & security needed to be our main focus as humans for a long time. That included belonging to a group – finding safety in numbers. 

Now times are changing… especially for those of you reading this.

Our lives aren’t threatened by the same things anymore. Food, water, and shelter are readily available everywhere we look. 

There’s excess all around us.

In this increasingly abundant world, our survival depends on feeling safe enough to be fully ourselves – especially when being ourselves means ruffling some feathers.

We need to shake things up.

We need to fear fitting-in now, even more than we fear the change of outgrowing what we know. 

Any resistance to our growth at this point in history is literally killing us. 

Everything happening in our world right now is orchestrated to shift our focus – off of mere survival, and onto creating something greater than the status quo. 

Our wires are often crossed. Everything we know is cutting us down at the knees. Life is hitting the fan to set us straight again… giving us opportunities to choose a new way forward.

We’re being violently shown how we need to prioritize differently now.

We’re being guided towards what we need in our modern times – which is so much more than to just survive.

We’re finding that what we need is NOT simply playing a part in our chosen group like it was before. 

What do we need, then?

We need to be openly, outspokenly ourselves – and we need to encourage the exact same honest self-expression from all others. 

We need to get curious and have challenging conversations… especially when we don’t understand something or when we see things differently.

We’re being urged to care more about who we are and what we can contribute, rather than protecting the ways things “should” be or by doing things the way they’ve always been done. 

As our physical survival is less and less threatened, becoming the best possible versions of ourselves is the next evolutionary frontier.

Personal growth and learning how to best support each other needs to become our urgent priority.

As technology evolves rapidly, in our safe & abundant world, our value comes from a source so much deeper than our ability to fit in… deeper than our ability to do a job and make money. 

(Of course, working and money are important parts of the picture, but they aren’t what make you valuable.)

Our value now comes from our ability to harness who we are in a meaningful way that benefits the collective. Our value comes from the ways we channel ourselves to impact the world at large – including the people closest to us. 

Our value comes from our ability and willingness to collaborate with others… offering our own meaningful perspectives while respecting different perspectives too, even when they compete with our own.

Moving forward, our survival will depend on our ability & willingness to build our world on purpose – from the inside out. Our survival will depend on our ability to learn new, relevant skills & pass them along for the generations to come.

Mental Wholeness – a service offered by SLICE Inspiration & Consulting – is a welcome wagon to the skills we’ll need in this new way of being. It offers a streamlined structure for fine-tuning deep self-connection, for those of you already living to make an impact. It’s meant to be a life-long practice & it’ll evolve along with you over time.

Mental Wholeness soothes the uncertainty of our humanness and syncs us back up, mind, body, and soul, with the momentum of expansion – like our lives depend on it. 

Because they do.


Introducing the Emotional Alchemy Starter Kit

We are creative leaders, warriors of expression. We crave positive impact, encouraging others with every breath we take.
Our bodies are human animals. Emotions run wild inside of us, adding unique swagger to every move we make.
Is your animal your loyal friend and your most powerful secret weapon, like the Direwolves in Game of Thrones?
Or… do you explode out of your skin every full moon like a werewolf?
Maybe it’s both.
We’ve worked hard all our lives to get our inner beasts under control. We pulled this off with very little guidance and structure helping us to do it well.
We all deserve to bring out our best selves by nurturing our inner animals, and we all deserve support while we do it.
That’s what’s on offer when we practice Emotional Alchemy.
SLICE Inspiration & Consulting’s Emotional Alchemy Starter Kit offers three key exercises to transform all emotions and sensations into physical prowess and creative fuel.
Daily practice of these exercises keeps us sailing smoothly when life gets rough… when mistakes, losses, and the unexpected happen.
They help us love ourselves and others more fully.
READ: Significantly fewer “blow-up moments” that become shorter, scarcer, and actually more enjoyable over time.
(Mental wholeness takes us a step further… teaching us how to plant beautiful green grass & a flower garden exactly where we are in life – so we can create the world we want, rather than wistfully dreaming about the other side of the fence).
Emotional Alchemy deepens our experience in life, whether we’re new to emotional work or we already know our emotions deeply.
Saying “yes” to something like this doesn’t mean we’ve failed in any way, or that we can’t handle our shit.
Investing time and energy into this means we’re smart. It means we’re playful and curious. It means we’re open and willing to expand in all areas of life.
With these tools in hand, we’ll be better together than we could ever be alone.
Are you ready to turn your emotions into gold? Start making magic with the Emotional Alchemy Starter Kit today.


emotional alchemy starter kit

Feel Safe: Coping with Trauma in a Traumatized World

“Trauma” is defined as a deeply disturbing or distressing experience.

Many traumatic events have happened in our world recently. Even if you haven’t personally experienced a trauma, it’s totally normal to feel it vicariously – sometimes just from watching the news.

Experiences like these impact us to our core. When we have trouble processing trauma effectively, we can experience a lot of difficulty in our lives. Nervousness or anger can appear seemingly out of no-where. Relapses occur. Relationships suffer. Life gets hard.

Understanding how to cope with distressing experiences and symptoms is something we ALL need, so we can help ourselves and help others effectively.

Most importantly, know that everything you’re feeling at this time is probably normal and expected. Still, you deserve amazing support. Just because trauma is normal, doesn’t mean you should handle it alone. Explore your options, and find the support that works for you.

On a deep level, traumatic experiences cause us to fear for our physical safety and well-being – even when we’re safe. We do not often recognize when we’re having a trauma response, trying to minimize our experience or unsure of how to explain. Even when we DO recognize what’s happening – it’s easy to feel totally out of control when these events occur.

I’d love to give you some power back today.

We can never control what life hands us, but we CAN control our response with practice. So, in addition to the support you’ll seek, here’s a process to help you deal with trauma as it happens so that the symptoms of it don’t progress to cause serious issues in your life.

1. Become aware & prioritize feeling safe. Bring awareness to your experience, accepting your natural responses and embracing them fully. Recognize that any fearful, anxious, hyper-vigilant responses you’re having are signs that your system is working to keep you safe. As you recognize, acknowledge, understand, and embrace what you’re feeling, you’ll naturally start to feel safer. Then, actively help yourself to feel safe, whatever it takes. I love repeating a simple mantra until the fear slows down… “I’m safe”.

2. Create space for yourself to express yourself fully. Describe your experience, let it surface… through crying, yelling, punching, or maybe going for a run. Writing can be really helpful to process your experience. Trauma lives in your body, so until you let it move through you, any emotional pain you suppress will store in your body and create issues for you. Allowing your body this process creates an inner confidence and strength that you can overcome anything. Nothing from the outside will make you feel completely safe until you have this inner confidence. Set a time limit on your emotional expression to show yourself how much control you have over bringing yourself back after expressing the deep pain from your trauma.

3. Give back. The potential for positive outcomes to result from negative events is always there. Usually, the positive outcome from experiencing trauma is a new or renewed passion to help others cope with the same kind of deeply disturbing events. Once you’ve processed the challenging parts of your experience, a gratitude for what you’ve learned and a desire to help others with similar experiences can often surface and pull you forward.

Give yourself a happy ending. There’s a whole body of research on post-traumatic growth – reaching higher levels of functioning through the experience of adversity. Just don’t forget to validate yourself for the challenging parts too, OK? The world will thank you.

From Mess to Mental Wholeness

*Vulnerable Story Ahead*

I used to be a mess.

Throughout high school and college, I was depressed, grieving, and suicidal, on top of the usual angst that accompanies learning how to be a person and a woman with strong emotions.

I smoked lots of cigarettes & drank way too much.

I made questionable-at-best decisions.

I was shit at relationships… on so many levels.

My weight yo-yoed, to say the least. I’ve always tended to be on the “thick” side of the spectrum – except for a couple of sickly skinny years thanks to amphetamines & constant studying.

Eventually, I developed anxiety that would keep me up many nights, which developed into full-blown attacks once I started working in mental health care.

That’s when I really knew something needed to change. I knew that I’d never be able to *really* help other people like I wanted to unless I learned how to help myself first.

I’ve been on the way back up ever since.

Maybe you remember those days. If you’ve only met me within the past 5 years, this might be difficult to picture. But it’s true.

I used to struggle a lot. Now I’ve learned a lot, I’m standing tall, and I’m putting words to the wisdom that’s always lived inside of me.

I’m one of those annoyingly happy people that finds the silver lining in every situation. (I’m actually working on doing this LESS right now – especially with the people I love).

Still… I just love taking whatever life throws at me and spinning it into gold.

I love showing other people how to do the same thing, consistently.

It’s been said a million times that money doesn’t buy happiness. And, it’s true.

As a new business owner who’s still paying off student debt, I’m in a more precarious financial situation than I’ve ever been.

I’m also happier and healthier than I’ve ever been.

It has nothing to do with my bank account, with my relationship, my business … or anything outside of myself.

Those things definitely help but *I’m* the only one responsible for tending the fire that’s burning and building inside of me.

I tend it by walking my own talk… By connecting to myself, then finding desires & inspiration to follow.

I’ve built a strong foundation of comfort in my skin… by loving myself and my body entirely. I’m sinking in deeper every day.

Every little oddity and quirk… Every grey hair and roll. It’s all beautiful and fascinating to me.

Don’t get me wrong, things really aren’t ALWAYS easy. I’m building a business from scratch, after diving in head first…

That’s just my style. Jumping in always worked for me in the past. (Read: YOU don’t have to shake your life up like that if you work with me, and I actually don’t recommend it)!

I had no idea what I was getting in to. A lot of hard lessons have been learned. I talk shit to myself sometimes.

And, I know exactly how to pull myself out.

The fact that I’m sane and happy right now, in the midst of some of the most challenging times I’ve ever experienced, is the most honest testimonial I can give to display the impact of the services that I offer.

It hasn’t always been this way.

But, now, I get to explore the secrets of magnetic wellness and wholeness full time – so that I can make a difference for others by teaching it to them, too. I support myself by doing this work. Even when I’m squeezing pennies together, I’m surrounded by abundance, and I’m growing every day.

My passion for psychology, my love for learning, and my desire to help others have always been my saving grace… and now, I’m fortified by the tools I’ve developed along the way. These things combined are incredibly powerful, and that’s what I offer to you.

I help my people reconnect with who they are… I show you how to plug into your driving force so you can fly straighter and swifter into your dreams.

Don’t just take it from me. Over the coming months, I’ll be sharing my favorite client stories with you over on my testimonials page so you can see for yourself. Stay tuned…

And, as always, if you want in, let’s talk. Dropping me a line at is the best way to reach me.

Thanks for reading. Have an amazing week. Talk soon. 

photo by

brianna mcinerny

New Year, New Success: 3 Steps to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

Wildly successful people focus on their goals every single day, 365 days each year.

Regardless of your specific goals or what “success” means to you, a real sense of fulfillment comes with identifying what you want and focusing on it every single day until you have it.

Still, many people set goals starting January 1st – commonly around becoming healthier and more fit, or becoming more organized, or living a fuller more adventurous life.

What goals will you be working towards in this new year?

Honestly, it’s ALWAYS a good idea to reflect on your goals, so you can regularly make sure you’re heading directly towards them. These 3 steps to achieve your new year’s resolutions can ensure more consistent success, whether you’re a year-round goal-setter or a “New Year, new you” type of person:

  1. Manage your expectations. It’s been said that less than 10% of people actually accomplish their New Years Resolutions. Often, we set very strict, rigid expectations in place, only to lose steam and quit entirely when our progress slips even the slightest bit. If you’re often hard on yourself, please, lighten up a little by managing your expectations. Change doesn’t happen in an instant – it requires consistent focused actions over a long period of time… throughout this entire new year and every year that follows. Rather than setting yourself up for a sprint in January, break your big goals down into small, incremental steps, and be willing to adjust rather than quitting when challenges come up. Moving through failure is an important part of becoming successful. Accepting that your growth is a life-long process will set you up very well for the long haul.
  2. Clarify what you want and WHY you want it. This is important. Not only does understanding your intention keep you motivated, it helps you set more deeply satisfying and realistic goals for yourself. Let’s take getting healthy, for example. Do you want to lose weight and feel lighter? Is feeling at home in your body the priority? Or, is there something specific you want to achieve through improving your health – like a longer life or a more loving relationship? Each of these versions of “becoming healthier” come with completely different action plans. Identifying exactly what you want and why that’s important to you can keep you focused while helping you identify the most direct route to truly fulfilling success.
  3.  Get support. We do not create long-lasting results for ourselves in a vacuum, though we often value our independence and our ability to do things alone highly in our society. This point of view often keeps us disconnected from each other. It ensures that our results will come much slower and more painfully than they would have if we consulted with loved ones, mentors, and specialists to assist us when the way forward doesn’t look clear. While making changes in your life, you WILL encounter obstacles. Enlist people you trust who can support you when you do.

When you live your life this way – setting goals and moving towards them every single day – nothing will be out of your reach. Have a fantastic 2018.



3 steps to achieve your new year's resolutions

Give Lovingly: Be Generous Without Sacrificing Yourself

Generosity is readily giving more of oneself – more time, more money, more kindness – than is necessary or expected considering the situation. I’m sure you know, generosity is an extremely desirable quality to have.

It also has a dark side.

Unfortunately, the desire to give weighs heavily on some generous people when they don’t practice giving to themselves first and foremost. Generous people often give to others, to their own detriment.

The pressure we feel to be generous often doubles during the holiday season.

For instance… We donate money or buy gifts before accounting for our own financial well-being. 

We always say “yes” to new responsibilities or events, when we’re already worn paper thin.

We force smiles and niceties with people and family members who don’t make us feel good, just to maintain the status quo.

When we neglect our own needs like this for the benefit of others, we nurture a breeding ground for resentment, anger, and eventually burnout, when we have absolutely nothing left to give.

This is not the spirit of generosity. True generosity happens naturally – inspired and overflowing from a full cup, without creating any hardship whatsoever for the giver.

To the contrary – true acts of giving always carry an element of receiving too. Contributing to someone else’s life from an inspired, loving place always feels genuinely enjoyable, abundant, and fulfilling for everyone involved.

When you’re NOT enjoying the process of giving – when you feel like you don’t have a choice, or you feel that you never get anything back in return – that’s a sure sign you’ve stepped into the territory of self-induced self-sacrifice.

So let’s take a step back, shall we?

These tips will help your giving spirit thrive throughout the holiday season.

1. Take 100% responsibility for the way you feel. Let other people take 100% responsibility for the way they feel, too. Your #1 job is to care for yourself – let that be your priority. It’s not your job to make other people happy. It’s not up to anyone else to make you happy, either. People will survive and thrive without you, or they’ll learn how with practice. That is a very, very good thing.

2. Learn what your “full body yes” feels like, then follow it. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, connect with your body, connect with the wisest part of you, and ask – what does a full body “yes” feel like? Say NO to everything that doesn’t elicit that solid YES reaction. You’ll still have plenty of amazing things to fill your calendar, especially during this time of year. Your time is valuable and in high demand – spend time following your “yes”, not pushing down your “no”.

3. Only commit to projects, parties, and people when you KNOW you will deliver. Everything on your to-do list will subtly drain your energy until it’s complete, so be deliberate, be selective, and be realistic. Don’t stretch yourself too thin. You don’t owe an explanation to anyone – you’re allowed to say “no” (or at least stay temporarily non-committal).

When you give generously to yourself first, a joyful generosity towards others will naturally emerge – because nothing feels better than making an impact in the life of a loved one or someone who needs it.

Happy Holidays!

Be Generous Without Sacrificing Yourself

Feel In Flow: Spark Creativity When You’re Feeling Stuck

Nothing feels better than the experience of empowered creative energy running through your body.

You know that feeling when you’ve just accomplished something you really care about?

Or the experience of having a brilliant idea?

When you feel passionate about what you’re working towards, with plenty of energy to get the necessary work done, what’s that like for you?

All of these things are involved when you’re aligned with your creative flow.

Think of a person you know who’s very healthy, happy, and successful. Do you think they’re connected to themselves like this?

You can hear it in someone’s voice when they’re in this creative state. Their voice has a whole different resonance to it, doesn’t it?

You can see the glow of their skin and the light in their eyes, regardless of their age, size, or gender. They turn heads when they walk into a room. They seem to attract opportunities effortlessly, they seem carefree and confident. They feel comfortable in their own skin, and everyone around them can see it.

Not only do these people feel inspired themselves, but they inspire everyone around them.

They’re easy to remember, but they can be difficult to emulate… even if you’re usually one of them.

When you’re feeling out of sync with those amazing creative juices, give these steps a try:

1. Move your body. Get out of your head, and into your body. Slow down & stretch. Get up and go for a walk. Focus on your breath. In a locked, uninterrupted space, breathe and bring your conscious awareness to the sensations in different parts of your body. Explore how those sensations feel. This can be uncomfortable to do, but it’s almost guaranteed to move you past whatever’s blocking you. If emotions surface, just let it happen & let it pass. Everything is normal.

2. Get back to the basics. Who are you? Where do you come from? Where do you want to go? What’s important to you? What are you really passionate about? Take some time to reflect on these questions. Journal about them if you’d like. Cancel your plans if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed. Unplug from your devices, stop checking social media, let go of what others think. Watch some favorite movies or listen to your favorite music. Remember, anything is possible. If you can believe it, you can achieve it.

3. Connect with others. Who’s someone who never fails to bring out the best in you? Reach out to them. Brainstorm your thoughts & ideas with someone else, so you can get out of your own head and use the feedback from others. When we’re open to collaboration, we can take each other’s ideas to the next level, and we can have fun while we do it. Incorporating different perspectives makes for dynamic success.

When you reach that extraordinary creative connection with yourself, remember how much you deserve it. Be ready to repeat the process over and over again, as long as you live. Don’t forget to enjoy every second of the ride.


Feel In Flow: Spark Creativity When You’re Feeling Stuck