How to Make the “Law of Attraction” FINALLY Work for You


Have you ever heard of the “Law of Attraction”?

From where I’m sitting, this is one of the more popular, widely-known topics in the personal growth industry. It’s the concept that “like attracts like”, suggesting that the content of your thoughts, good or bad, attract and determine the experience you have in life.

Maybe you heard about “The Law of Attraction” awhile ago, and it sounded pretty amazing. So, you did your due diligence and put it to use in your life. You thought positive thoughts, and held a knowing that good things come to those who wait. If that’s you, I’m willing to bet this way of thinking has made some positive changes in your life, and the positivity is something you’ve held on to.

But still… you don’t have the things you really, truly want. Maybe you don’t even know what those things are anymore. You figure there’s just some loophole that excludes you from the rewards of the Universe.

Maybe you’ve secretly been wondering for a while now, “is this it”? Is this really the best life has to offer? 

I’m writing this article for you – so you can give the “Law of Attraction” another go, and take it to another level. First, let me describe what usually goes wrong when it comes to using the “Law of Attraction”, then I’ll tell you what you can do to make this Universal Law work for you.

When most people implement the “Law of Attraction”, they put these positive thought patterns to work, but eventually their natural conditioned patterns get in the way.

We get frustrated when we don’t see the outcome we’re looking for. We ask, “where is it?”. We feel doubtful, and we take stock of our past experiences to confirm – this “Law of Attraction” stuff is bogus. We lose faith. 

We lose sight of the fact that resistance is natural, and it actually means we’re getting closer to what we want.

Unfortunately, once our thought pattern returns to normal, once the fear and those thoughts about what we DON’T want seep in, the “Law of Attraction” stops working for us, and it starts working against us. We start to get more of the same experience (even if we’re a little more positive about the whole thing now).

It IS possible to benefit from the “Law of Attraction”, though it’s much easier said than done.

It comes down to making a decision. It comes down to defining what you want, knowing why you want it, and focusing on that and ONLY that. (Find the thing that makes you the happiest – it’s the right choice, I promise).

Keep your eye on the prize, and only take actions that close the gap between where you are now and where you want to go.

Set your intentions, visualize your intentions, describe your intentions in detail, and then live in that energy all the time, ESPECIALLY when it’s difficult to do so. Take the actions you’re inspired to take, and act swiftly when you do.

Faith is the magic sauce that makes the “Law of Attraction” work. Steadfast belief that you CAN and WILL have what you want, no matter what, and faith that the Universe will support you to make that happen.

This will always be a practice. I think of this practice like a bouncy ball – one of those small rubber balls that bounce SUPER high when you throw them into the ground. When you first start practicing this “Law of Attraction”, you’re floating sky high, before fear and doubt bring you crashing back down. The longer the ball bounces, the shorter the crash, until with practice, you’re rolling along calmly and smoothly down the path.

It’s the day that you decide, you believe, you WILL get what you want, and you won’t let fear crash your plane ever again, that the “Law of Attraction” starts working for you.

So, take these five simple steps to make the “Law of Attraction” work for you

  1. Focus on what you want with passion.
  2. Observe what comes up, allow any information or sensations you receive, without losing faith in your outcome.
  3. Don’t delay – take the actions you’re inspired to take.
  4. Re-direct and re-commit when you notice yourself off course.
  5. Get support to keep yourself on track.

Then… wait and see what happens.

At the end of the day, the life you really, truly want is the one you’re destined to work towards. That’s the life that’ll leave an impact. Know that it’ll be challenging at times, but decide right here and now that you will have it. Decide that it’s worth it, and decide that you’re worth it too.

Thanks for reading.

Love, Brianna

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