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    Hello! Welcome to Leverage Your Wild Mind, an introduction to approaching your mindset with Conscious Wholeness.

    During this lesson you’ll take steps to slow mental chatter and focus on your goals, so you can hop off your inner hamster wheel and make your mind work for you.

    In this video I outline 4 steps to Leverage Your Mind:

    • Step 1 – Build awareness of your thoughts
    • Step 2 – Slow Your Thoughts
    • Step 3 – Focus Your Thoughts
    • Step 4 – Energize Your Thoughts

    Which step are you most focused on right now? What are you learning?

    Are there any missing/extra steps that you notice in your own process?

    What are your biggest takeaways from this lesson?

    Join the conversation here. Thank you for showing up and growing with Conscious Wholeness!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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