Welcome to Conscious Wholeness!

I’m beyond thrilled that you’ve stepped into working with me & the Conscious Wholeness community. Congratulations!! This is an opportunity to develop tools to feel fuller, more satisfied, and more connected to your core truth for the rest of your life. 


Email info@briannamcinerny.com if you’re having trouble finding what you need at any time. We’ll get you sorted. 

What to Expect

Through learning and repeating the steps of Conscious Wholeness, you’ll build a solid foundation that’ll allow you to create more time, do more with less, make space for yourself, enjoy the simple things, & feel consistently whole and valuable as you contribute your talents to the world.

Bookmark this page, because it lays out some info you’ll need to help things flow smoothly! 

As we begin, it’s important to note that with change comes RESISTANCE.

This is totally normal! You might be feeling a little resistance now, or maybe you’re just psyched and ready to get going. Either way is perfect. Start observing yourself, and always know that resistance can be a good sign that the experience of Conscious Wholeness will be powerful for you.

Resistance can also be an indication that you’re trying to force things in an unnecessary direction.

When resistance comes up, it’s time to BREATHE and RELAX and remember your wholeness. Remember that the answers are inside of you. The whole point here is to look inside to find what feels amazing for you so you can follow it.

When resistance hits, take it easy on yourself. Do something nice for yourself. Take a bath. Meditate. Read. Visit the Emotional Alchemy Starter Kit. Lay on the couch with your pets & a bag of your favorite potato chips binging Netflix.

Build your ability to slow down & observe yourself without judgment. This is an essential part of creating results with Conscious Wholeness. Don’t worry – practicing Conscious Wholeness will help with this!

Whatever you do, get curious about it, and keep coming back to the support available here.

At times, you might feel like you’re full on the topic you just explored or the video you just watched, and it’s completely valid to honor that.

That being said, taking the next step will usually help you process what you just uncovered – so you can keep moving, without getting stuck or ruminating in a place you don’t want to be.

This will impact every area of your life and everyone you come into contact with in the best of ways – especially the people and projects that are most important to you.

After intentionally practicing the full cycle of Conscious Wholeness a few times, it will become a habit for you and you will start to crowd out the patterns of behavior that aren’t working for you anymore. Stick with it!

Now let’s get into it!