Conscious Wholeness: Course Outline

Conscious Wholeness: Course Outline

Here’s the link to your Mental Wholeness workbook

Here’s the link to your Emotional Alchemy Starter Kit.

Find the Dropbox meditations here.

Here’s the 5 Days of Wholeness experience.

Now onto the core Conscious Wholeness classes:

1. Leverage Your Mind – explore 4 steps to make your thoughts work for you.

2. Acceptance – free up more energy when you stop resisting what is.

3. Beliefsinterpret your world intentionally, in a way that supports your goals.

4. Clarity – understand what you really want and why.

(Suggested Break for Integration & Implementation)

5. Sink into Your Skin – take these 3 steps to feel more lovingly connected to your body.

6. Body Buzz – learn to love the skin you’re in at a baseline.

7. Emotional Alchemy – make space for yourself and let go of old baggage.

(Suggested Break for Integration & Implementation)

8. Influence Your Surroundings – show up as the version of yourself you really want to be.

9. Energy (Part 2 with chakra clearing exercise)!bring a consistent, aligned vibe to the table.

10. Setting Boundaries – decide what standards you’re ready to uphold in your life.

11. Trust – develop unshakeable faith that you can make it through anything.

The segments were broken up by integration & implementation weeks when they were originally delivered. I recommend you take some integration weeks at your own pace, so you can maintain spaciousness & fully feel the results from each concept as you move through the course for the first time.

Bonus classes:

Feel Safe: Conscious Wholeness for Anxiety Relief

Love Machine: Become a Consistent Generator of Love 

Expert Interviews:

Taking Up Space with Interior Design Expert Judith Tamarah