Components of Mental Wholeness: Acceptance

For the next six weeks, these Tuesday Musings videos will walk you through six components of Mental Wholeness – starting with acceptance. Mental Wholeness is a state of be-ing that helps you feel consistently valuable & supported for exactly who you are, while you positively impact every part of your world, just by being in it. A realistic & thorough understanding of your current situation is an essential first step to creating what you’d like for yourself, and that’s where acceptance comes in. We need to accept ourselves, life’s highs & lows, & the full spectrum of human emotions, to begin building a solid foundation of mental wholeness for ourselves, using the unpleasant parts of our experience to clarify our desires, strengths, & values. Accepting the full truth about ourselves, others, & our situations – while fully honoring how we feel AND looking for the silver linings – is the first step on our 6-week journey! Please leave a comment with thoughts & questions, & make sure you subscribe/follow to see all 6 components. 🙂 Thanks for watching!

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