On Becoming Love: Find Divinity in Everyone You Meet

Becoming love is a necessary task right now, and finding the divinity in each other will help us get there.

Something I’ve come to strongly believe over time is that there’s a little bit of God (or however you understand divinity) inside of each of us.

becoming love
A snapshot behind the scenes while recording the free 5 Days of Wholeness experience.

As a Catholic-raised child who made it to Penance but never Confirmation… as someone who’s experienced great suffering in this life… and as someone who recognizes the hardships of the world more & more every day… I understand why some people cringe and balk at the word “God”. I used to be one of them.

But over time I’ve rebuilt a relationship with divinity that I can get behind. Recently this connection is growing deeper & deeper.

Becoming more loving & connecting with the love in others is not always easy.

It has taken me a lot of personal growth to connect with divinity in myself & others maybe 70% of the time, which is definitely a lifetime high for me.

It works in my favor that I’ve always had a strong, inherent belief in the infinite potential of people, and I engage with everyone from that place.

Through that practice I’ve witnessed over time how every single person has a lesson to offer me, regardless of their age, education, bank account, mental agility, emotional well-being, or any other part of their background.

But it hasn’t always been easy to forgive people when they don’t rise to the potential I see – especially with the people closest to me. I used to make myself and others wrong when my life experience wasn’t a perfect reflection of what I thought it should be.

Many of us learn to respond to mistakes, abnormalities, and anything “dark” or “negative” with shaming, suspicion, judgment, and ultimately repression. It takes a lot of intentional effort to interrupt that pattern, let go of our preconceived notions and get curious instead.

I’ve had to spend time with my own trauma to integrate it in healthy ways. I had to release my anger at God for creating so much pain in the world and learn how to love myself as is. I had to become willing to nurture myself back to wholeness after life broke me apart, as it does for all of us.

That process has included intentionally surrounding myself with a strong support system, intentionally connecting with other people, even when it feels really foreign and uncomfortable to me.

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Recently this practice is becoming more spiritual, as I shift from engaging with people’s potential to engaging with their divine.

I’m taking my practice deeper as I remember that every time I’m in conversation with other people, I have an opportunity to talk directly to God.

Giving to others from a place of love is giving to God. I receive God’s love through the world & the people around me.

When we regard someone else with their divinity in mind, from a place of our own divine love, we experience our best selves & bring out the best in them too. We instantly change the tone of the entire room, the entire conversation, potentially that person’s entire life. I’ve experienced this time and time again.

People can feel when you’re respecting them on this level. There is no better feeling in the world, for everyone involved.

We can’t do this when we’re living scared and judgmental, when we’re playing out our lives based on unprocessed trauma. We can waste a lot of time on autopilot forgetting what’s right in front of us – the wonderfully important parts of this one life we’re living, with a very finite amount of moments to enjoy.

Becoming love is worth the time & effort it takes.

It might not always be the easy choice, but it always feels amazing… And for me, that’s the most important thing.

The FEELINGS of being alive are what make my life worth living. The feelings of love & connection. At the end of the day, that’s what I want & need in every moment… To feel something. Inspired, alive, peaceful, excited, terrified, deeply loving, deeply loved, eternally safe, irrevocably free. What I want and need specifically varies moment to moment, but my deep desire to feel somehow more or better stays the same.

That’s what I want in my life & that’s what I want for everyone around me – to simply feel better whenever you want to. So you can create the space you need to get in sync with life, and the divine in you can dance, laugh, play, & explore with the divine in me.

Conscious Wholeness offers me a staircase I can use to walk up to this higher perspective any time I want to.

becoming love
Photo by Ben Mater on Unsplash

Not in a way that ignores real sadness, hurt, violence and problems in the world, but in a way that helps me actually create the world around me with intention all the time. Regardless of how much money is in my bank account, what the world around me is doing, or what my situation is on any given day.

What helps you connect with divinity in others? Leave me a comment! I’d love to hear about it.

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Sending lots of love, until next time.

Finding True Spirituality In a World Full of False Light

True spirituality is available all around us, when we know where to look.

true spirituality
When I’m struggling to find true spirituality in the big picture, I can always find it in life’s smallest details.

Some of 2020’s biggest disappointments for me have included witnessing some “New Age” and “spiritual” communities’ responses to world events.

Way back in March, before we watched Ahmaud Arbery & George Floyd die on our screens, I noticed several of my new-age-y spiritual acquaintances dropping off of my friends list as I questioned their beliefs about conspiracy theories related to COVID-19.

I’ve really enjoyed this podcast recently that analyzes the phenomenon called Conspirituality.

Its been relieving to see that most of my own beloved leaders haven’t fallen to this trend. This time has also revealed plenty of new leaders for me to trust and follow.

Still, it’s been incredibly disappointing to see science & social issues denied by sometimes widely respected “holistic” & “spiritual” leaders. Disappointing, yes, but I guess it’s not surprising.

This isn’t the first time the spiritual community has let me down. Maybe you can relate.

I will always remember when my Sunday school teacher couldn’t tolerate my plethora of questions. “Why does hell exist if God forgives everyone?”

I remember the feeling of betrayal I felt as an adolescent when my therapist suggested her incongruous spiritual beliefs to me. I never returned even though I desperately needed help. That moment inspired me to pursue my own career in mental health.

The way that some organized religions perpetuate racism and homophobia and other hateful, oppressive viewpoints has never felt right to me. Houses of worship should be full of acceptance and free of judgment, but in practice it’s often the reverse.

Fast forward to now, with some religious leaders preaching “faith over fear” as their religious services become super-spreader events for COVID-19, and some spiritual/holistic white women clinging to “love & light” rather than addressing the realities of systemic oppression.

Cult dynamics founded on charisma and groupthink run rampant in spiritual communities.

For much of my life, I’ve steered clear, staying incredibly selective about the spiritual paths I engage with.

That being said, I am still a spiritual person, because my spirit is too strong to deny.

As an adult I aim to be more accepting, forgiving, and open. I find spirituality in things like tarot, ritual, and meditation. I’m also a critically thinking person who questions our system, does my own research, and values science.

Why should we have to choose between spirituality or science & social responsibility? Seems to me that these things are better together.

So, I’ve been thinking about spirituality and discernment… what are the indicators of real, felt, beneficial spirituality? What signs tell us we should turn and run in the opposite direction?

true spirituality

Here are some of the things that resonate with me when it comes to spirituality.

Any true spiritual methodology has serious intricacy & depth. It helps us lovingly navigate our way through life’s challenging gray area rather than forcing us to think in black & white.

Any school of though that ignores the depth of the physical – including pain and hardship that comes with living on earth, and the imbalances we’re causing in the physical world – is incomplete. It’s tone deaf, and ultimately, does more harm than good.

True spirituality is healing. It’s a refuge & a sanctuary for those who have been victimized & traumatized – it doesn’t traumatize & re-traumatize everyone who engages with it.

True spirituality nurtures healthy interdependence with the world around us, not dysfunctional co-dependence with a specific leader or school of thought.

It offers MORE ways to love each other, not more reasons to shame & judge.

It offers hope for those who are downtrodden, not blame.

True spirituality welcomes curiosity rather than shutting it down.

Something tells me that your body knows this is true.

Your body is tired of false light methods, tired of all the lies and bull flying around in the world, tired of those methods that tell you to try and silence or escape your body’s experience.

True spirituality helps you make a positive impact on your world by using the guidance of your sacred body – not in spite of it.

As a collective, we need to stop glorifying ideas (even seemingly “spiritual” ones) over the lived experiences of other people, the planet and our physical selves…

So we can cherish this life we’ve been given and leave the Earth (not just our own estate) truly better off for having had us.

You are divine. I am divine. The most deeply felt spiritual experiences I’ve had, the most profound wisdom I’ve received, re-connects me to that fact.

What does your discernment tell you about true spirituality? How do you weave spirituality into your life? What does true spirituality look like & feel like for you?

Conscious Wholeness is how I systematize the groundwork that needs to be done on a regular basis to connect to my spirituality, manage my self-care, fall more deeply in love with myself, and nurture my relationship with the earth.

It’s how I connect with my own inner wise elder & how I strengthen my discernment about who & what to believe… From a place of truth instead of trauma.

It’s a process I follow that unleashes inspiration, expands my edges, and refines my focus.

It’s a framework I fall back on when I want to feel more connected & supported in any area of my life.

It always shows me the way back to myself. I created the Conscious Wholeness course to provide you with this framework, too. I offer lifetime access at an accessible price, always with room to grow.

My clients have shared that Conscious Wholeness helps them dive deeper into connection with their own unique spiritual beliefs – even if those beliefs are totally different than mine.

If you are looking for ways to go deeper with yourself spiritually, or if you want to weave more of your spirituality into your work, I would love to connect with you.

At the very least, I hope you will make it a point to discern the false lights in your world and connect with true spirituality in whatever ways feel best for you today.

I’m sending lots of love, until next time. Thank you for reading.