How to Pick Which Ideas to Focus On

As creative folks, it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement & inspiration of new ideas. AND, when we don’t commit to seeing any of them through, we wind up chasing ourselves in circles – which doesn’t feel very good over time, & it’s not very productive. SO… how can we pick which ideas we want to focus on? I give some suggestions in this week’s Tuesday Musings video. Next week we’ll talk even more about some strategies for seeing your choices through when they’re well underway & they don’t feel so new & exciting anymore.

Strategies for Sparking an Amazing Idea

What never fails to get YOUR creativity flowing?

The experience of being “in the flow” is liberating – it’s exciting, energizing, empowering… that feeling that suggests you could take over the world if you wanted to! When we’re in that state, creativity comes naturally. In this place, sparking an amazing idea becomes easy.

We all need to generate ideas every day if we want to be happy & successful (whatever those things look like for you), but the ideas & flow aren’t always so forthcoming. When we’ve been “go-go-going” for too long, & we’ve been motivated by forces outside of ourselves, we end up hitting a wall & blocking our natural creative flow. Today’s Tuesday Musings offers a few strategies to spark your next amazing idea – so you can manufacture that feeling of flow whenever you want to. True, it takes some practice to do this really efficiently, but start by focusing on ONE THING today. Pick the step or strategy that resonates most, and stay there as long as you need to! When all else fails, just focus on feeling better & finding what works for you.

I’ll see you next week for more musings about picking the best creative ideas to move forward on – so you won’t waste all your time running around in creative “shiny object syndrome” circles.

Have an amazing week!!

Walk – DON’T RUN!! – to Grow Your Business

This week’s Tuesday Musings are about walking instead of running in your life & in your business. When we’re rushing around to get things done quickly, we’re bound to drop some balls along the way. If you want to build consistency, it can really pay off to slow down your pace & enjoy the ride. We can actually get MORE done in less time that way, because we’re being mindful to do it RIGHT the first time, even if it takes a little longer. So… slow down and smell the roses!! When you’re in a hurry, go slow. This week, I encourage you to walk, not run, while you grow your life & business.

Leave a comment or email me –! Would love to hear what you think, and help you put these musings to work for YOU as you build your life & your empire. See you next week.