SLICE Inspiration & Consulting

Mission: Inspiring Creative Expansion on the Leading-Edge

You ride the roller coaster of your soul to share your magic with the world. It is our mission at SLICE to support you throughout that process, especially during the lows, so you can build the expansive legacy of your dreams while feeling good consistently. There’s no need to weather your storms alone – that’s what we’re here for.

Five core values are at the heart of everything we do:

Success – whatever that looks like for you.

Love – bringing increasing amounts of love into every action and interaction.

Interdependence – cultivating communities filled with powerful individuals working towards common goals.

Creativity – expressing our truest selves and our natural talents to the fullest extent.

Expansion – embracing the diversity that allows us to learn and grow every day.



Join The Cocoon – a free FB group where we support each other & share strategies for ever-deeper self-connection.

Mental Wholeness – A group course providing a step-by-step process for staying deeply connected to yourself no matter what life throws at you.


Get Brianna’s support to magically-yet-realistically plan for your passion project & create momentum right away.


Dig into your patterns, strengthen your relationships, and expand your ability to receive through 1:1 consulting.

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