Body Love

I want to tell you guys a story, about the time I joined a cult.

Ok, ok… it wasn’t a cult. It was a fitness studio. But there were some serious similarities going on there.

I came to the studio kind of lost, very unhappy with my body. I was in the midst of figuring out my happiness, and the magnetic studio owner convinced me that learning to teach in her studio was my way to get there.

And actually, she was right.

For the first time in my life, I achieved a body that I adored during the course of my training. I was vibrantly happy, had so much energy, and felt motivated to work towards my goals – which now included working as a fitness instructor and personal trainer.

Unfortunately, when I began working there, everything shifted. Even though I LOVED teaching class and training clients, being on the inside wasn’t what I thought it would be. I felt surrounded by frauds. The same people who taught me to put myself first, and introduced me to the intricacies of my human form, now offered up catty jabs, restrictions on my diet, and contracts for keeping me thin.

So, being someone who doesn’t get down like that, I resigned from my position.

The experience still left me with a passion for fitness that didn’t exist before. I’d learned so much about nutrition and exercise, so much about the mind-body connection, but suddenly I lost trust in the method that had worked so well for me. I couldn’t un-see the truth that lurks behind so many fitness fronts – that it’s rarely what it seems from the outside.

That’s why I created “The Art of Body Love”, a 5-hour intensive to fast-forward you towards a body you absolutely adore, and a sense of peace around food. (You can check it out on my services page).

It’s 100% possible to have a body you love without spending ANY time at the gym, or feeling deprived around food. I swear to you. I speak the truth.

If that’s something you’re interested in, stay tuned later this week. Something special is on the way!

For now though, just take 3 big, deep breaths before you eat your next meal. I will too. I bet it’ll do us both a world of good.

And that’s where we part, for now. Take care of yourselves loves, until next time… <3

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